The Daddy and The Birthday

Dear Harper,

Wednesday was a very exciting day…you know why? It was Daddy’s birthday! HIS FIRST BIRTHDAY WITH YOU!!!!! (Well you were there last year spying on us- but we just weren’t onto your ninja ways yet). This year you helped me get Daddy’s birthday present. You were there the WHOLE time memorized by quiet a FEW processes we had to go through to get it. You even got to take a SUPER SPECIAL TWICE IN A LIFETIME RIDE IN THE CAR WITH MOMMY! I’ll tell you about this ride when you’re older and others won’t judge me as much for it. But you LOVED the birthday gift excursion! We had to make sure we had exactly the right thing for daddy and it was something big! After all, Daddy doesn’t spend much time or resources on himself these days because he is always at work or with us, so we needed to give him something to enjoy. So he got the 47 inch TV he’s been wanting since we moved (maybe even before). Now we don’t have to always talk about how “the ole TV is on the fritz again”!

Mommy painted Daddy’s “Man Cave” ALMOST all by herself. When it came to painting the pink roof I needed help finishing, but with about an hour of help, all was completed making the man cave a little more polished an and a little less…PINK. You may want the pink back later in life. Take that up with Daddy. We had a few other celebrations for Daddy before this, but on his actual birthday was my favorite to see because you were there to watch him blow out his birthday candles! I wonder what he wished for! Maybe he will tell us in a few years 🙂

You’re so lucky to have such a spectacular Daddy that will always take care of you just like my Daddy did. He will always be someone you can run to when you feel scared, hurt, sad, or just excited and ready to play! Cherish that every second you have and you will reminisce on how great he is when you get older.

Next year will be exciting because maybe you can help Mommy a little more with Daddy’s special birthday surprise! 🙂



The Mommy


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