Babies cry. They just do.

Babies are so random.

Such a wide spectrum of emotion!! Everyone always wants to tell me why my baby does what she does but the truth is…she doesn’t speak English so nobody KNOWS what she wants ALL of the time. Her mornings are pretty consistent. VERY happy! The happiest she will be ALL day is in the morning after her beauty rest! After that-it could be a poopy, sleepy, sad, mad, gassy, or milk-drunk mood. At ANY time. She could be smiling and cooing and in the blink of an eye SO MAD that she’s turning purple for no reason that I can see! That’s just what babies do. I trust my instincts and if something is REALLY wrong I know and will take her to a doctor if i cant fix it. I like feeling that way. All that “I know what my babys cries mean” stuff baffles me. I don’t. I don’t speak that language. One day my baby will say: “mommy, I’m hungry”…”mommy, I want more peas cotton candy”…”mommy, I pee pee”

ONE day!:) I’m happy for the days I have now but even more excited for what’s to come our way!


Here are a few of our emotions:








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