Just a couple of girls in a material world!

My whole pregnancy, I swore I wouldn’t be one of those moms who has a tub full of their old baby clothes.  That’s hoarding right?

BUT now that I have Harper, she has some swag I think I’ll never be able to let go of!  My favorite is her polka dotted bear suit from Carter’s!  I MELT EVERY TIME I SEE MY LITTLE BUNNY  BEAR IN THIS!!  I love it.  I want it in every size so she can wear it even though she’s growing!  We keep our house cold at night so it’s perfect for Jammies time!  I’ll NEVER get rid of this!







I also think I’ll hang onto this fleece vest our Auntie-Kay gave us!  So stylish!  And it goes with almost anything to jazz it up!


I REFUSE TO LET GO OF ANY OF MY HATS!  EVER. I spent my whole pregnancy picking these things out!  They were my obsession!  I wish we had gotten a REAL winter so we could’ve had more use out of them!  Oh well, maybe with our next baby we can still use a couple!



Her first Valentines day TuTu and onesie!



This is another one that makes me melt.   Love it.  Already bought it in a larger size lol!



Her first Christmas outfits!



Her moose outfit!  This is what I’d planned to take her home in , but she was so tiny it didn’t work out!  SHAME!


This trendy little Carter’s set!  Loved it!  Had it in newborn, bought it in 6 months because I wanted to see it in action once again!


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