4 Months Old

Tomorrow I will be holding a 4 month old.




Things change and develop every day! Something I say and think over and over again is : “We will never get these moments back.” It’s so true. Just the other day almost immediately after John got home she rolled over for the first time for him to see! He had impeccable timing!

Things Harper has taken to in the past month:

  • Sleeping regularly 5-6 hours straight.
  • Eating baby food out of her bottle mixed with breast milk.
  • Reaching and grabbing more accurately.
  • Showing major attachment to me.
  • ROLLING OVER!!! (front to back)
  • Standing when we pull her up by her arms. LOVES THIS!
  • Baby mum mums.

Thinks I’ve learned lately:

  • Harper isn’t so fond of bananas yet.
  • She sleeps so much better with me. (I know…I can’t get her used to that!)
  • She likes to hang on to something while she sleeps. (Just like me!)
  • In the “witching hour” She needs to be face down on my chest with her binky in mouth whilst being vigorously bounced to sleep.
  • John and I both need our time away from her each day. We love her with everything we have, but we just need a break.
  • Harper gets mad when we eat and she isn’t eating.






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