You definitely ARE my sunshine!!

Dear Harper,
I can’t believe I’ve been fortunate enough to have been with you 4 months already! Tonight I sat with you in my arms for an hour as you slept, knowing you were all set to go in your crib, but I just couldn’t put you down. I want to hold you forever sometimes. I’m so afraid of the day that you will no longer want to be held or cuddled with by mommy! I’m trying to soak all of you in that I possibly can. You make mommy and daddy so happy. You are a love we never could’ve imagined. Everyday you show us something new, and everyday we notice you are growing up. I wish I could keep you this small and cuddle with you forever and ever!!
Early on, we taught you to sleep in your crib. Only on two occasions have you slept in our bedroom: once for severe weather and last week when daddy went out of town you got to sleep in his spot with me. I LOVED it.


20120330-011458.jpg I understand how parents get attached to children sleeping in their beds!!! I know you are safe because I can reach over and touch you and there are no walls in between us.



In the past months you have:
* started smiling bigger.
* You have started taking real baby food mixed with mommas milk now! Exciting!!!

* Learned to make more noises and you make them for a long time now!
* you learned that with our help you can stand up like a big girl and that gets you super stoked!
* You made your Auntie McKenzie a custom birthday card!s
* You had your very first celebration of The Daddy’s birthday!

* You celebrated your first St. patty’s day!
* You also got to celebrate Boompas birthday too!

* Still-your ultimate favorite times are had in the bathies! You have now figured out how to stick your tongue out and taste the water! It’s so cute!!!!


You’re just growing too fast!!!!

One thing I always notice when you’re put in crowded situations with lots of faces or new people, after a while, I see you scanning the room for The Mommy and The Daddy, and when you find us we see a smile or a sense of comfort come upon your face. Even when we are all three together you will keep looking back and forth at us both to make sure we are both there for you, it’s good to know we are. Sometimes all it takes to calm you down is to hear daddy’s voice while mommy holds you or vice versa. Even being so little you show us the importance of teamwork and relationships. I love you more than anything in the entire world and that will never change. I’ll see you around 8am and you can come sleep with mommy for another hour until we r up for the day!!:)

-The Mommy


2 thoughts on “You definitely ARE my sunshine!!

    • Yes I try to take a bath with her every other night!!! Just because she LOVES it so much!!! Sometimes more and sometimes less depending on how our day was! The DR will tell u to bathe every 3 days I think so baby’s skin isn’t bothered. Harper’s skin is great now and many baths don’t bother her so I think it all depends on the baby! BUT when my mother in law questions why I dont bathe her EVERY night- I get to say “the doctor said only to bathe her every other night” lol! 🙂

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