A few ins a few outs.

Why do I do things all day, then, at the end of the day…it appears nothing at all has been done!!?!?

AND some days, I can just simply wipe things down and the house looks brand new.


Today, instead of fixing my makeup and hair, I choose to blog! 🙂

I wish I had time to do this everyday. It doesn’t seem like much, but to sit down and take the time to express myself takes all of my attention! AND sometimes there are just better things to do! I.E. Nap. Cuddle. Watch Real Housewives or Teen mom. Ya know.

One day I won’t be able to watch these shows anymore because lets be real, I don’t want my child acting like a real housewife of Jersey!!! I can see her flipping her little fisher price table over and screaming at me because she can’t have dessert first and letting me know that her and daddy are thick as thieves and they’ll make sure dessert is first at their next meal.

I guess I’ll have to save all of those shows for bedtime viewing!

I’ll try to catch you up on the ins and outs of our lives the past week.

People who came to visit Harper:

  • Aunt Ashley
  • Uncle Simon
  • Cousin Payton
  • Cousin Aubrey
  • Auntie McKenzie
  • Nanny

People SOON to visit Harper:

  • Aunt Linda
  • Uncle David
  • Nana
  • Poppy

(those are people who are visiting from out of town, of course! She gets WAY more visitors than that on a regular basis!)

Exciting things going on:




  • Easter is approaching!
  • I think thought I have had a new way to keep Sarg away from the cat food.
  • Sarg hasn’t been having anymore BAD days like he had previously been having.  That means his medicines are working properly without much use of steroids!

Sad things going on:

  • Harper got 2 shots yesterday.  Sad.  We both cried.  Then she slept all afternoon!
  • She was mad at me almost all day.  I assume because of the shots.  😦


  • MY HAIR IS FALLING OUT.  HUNDREDS OF HAIRS A DAY!!!!  HUNDREDS!!!!!  IS THAT CLEAR?????  Ugh.  I keep reading that this could last for 6 months!  It just started a month ago…which follows right along with all the literature I’ve read.  I wish it would stop.

Crazy things going on:

  • Harper rolled from back to front yesterday.  BUT I think it was a fluke?  She won’t do it again!!!!  It was on the doctor’s table!  TBD.

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