My Testees

You know the boys are curious too.  Here’s a glimpse into what they wonder about pregnancy, babies, and motherhood/fatherhood.

How is the sex life through the duration of the pregnancy?

In the very beginning before we knew it was GREAT!  (I guess maybe weeks 1-6)  Then it was random.  I was having nausea a lot and that made me not in the mood to do anything at all!  I was nauseated the first 4-5 months so that hindered us a lot.  Then came the bump…I was self conscious about the way I looked and didn’t want to be physical because of the way I felt about myself.  So I guess the sex life sucked.  John will tell you that I wouldn’t sleep with him even if his penis produced diamonds.  And I like diamonds.

What are some do’s and don’ts for the expecting father?


  • Read up on baby books.  ( I know, torture.)  BUT I found a really great funny one you’ll like!  it’s called “Dude, you’re going to be a dad”  it’s really funny and still is full of advice and what to expect!  John will even say he liked it!
  • Think about if an establishment is going to be smokey.
  • Take care of her when she is sick.  If she feels like you are playing video games with your friends while she feels like garbage and is throwing up in the toilet, that leads to my common word- RESENTMENT!
  • Take note on how and where she likes to be rubbed.  I liked my tummy to be rubbed.  I wanted John to be close to the baby.  Towards the end, my back killed me and sometimes John rubbing it would make it feel so much better.
  • THINK before you say things that could possibly be offensive or hurtful. 
  • Be interested in the things you want to register for. 
  • Listen to all of her complaints about how she feels.  It’s hard to feel terrible and to feel as if everyone you know is tired of hearing the same old story!  But when you feel that way it’s the only thing you can think about. 
  • Go to as many DR appointments as you can so you don’t miss anything important!  This is most important for the gender appointment and the ones towards the last month just in case they send you downstairs to be admitted for a new baby! 
  • Help your lady pack her hospital bag, as well as your own.  Load it into her car in those last couple of months just in case you need it unexpectedly!  
  • When she is being irrational, please try to understand sometimes hormones take complete control of our brains and we can’t help it. 
  • If she is worried about something in particular, fix it, make it happen, make her feel better about it…whatever you can do because stress is NOT good for pregnancy.
  • Try to act interested in feeling the baby move, even if you’re not that excited.


  • Drink around your pregnant lady, for me it made me resentful, and nauseated at the scent of booze! 
  • Call her negative when she voices all the bad symptoms of pregnancy.
  • Call her moving stomach creepy.
  • Ever make her feel like she is being lazy.  She’s tired.  She needs rest.  She doesn’t feel good.
  • Don’t eat foods around her when she is nauseated.  Eat before she comes over or go in another room.
  • Don’t take her to places that you know she will be uncomfortable.  (This is an issue towards the last couple months)

Is it bad to not want to cut the umbilical cord?  Will I pass out at all during child birth?

No, I wouldn’t be personally offended if John didn’t want to cut it.  It’s kinda yucky!  He said he would though…but since we had a C section that wasn’t an option.  The only time I was worried that John would pass out was when he walked in the operating room and saw me cut wide open.  He looked very worried and a funny color.

What should you first expect when bringing the baby home from the hospital?

It’s hard to not have a button to call for help.  lol

I only speak from having a c section…it’s hard to feel like you have stuff to do around the house and even though it is simple stuff, you REALLY should just rest that first week home.  You’ll pay for it in pain if you don’t.  I felt like John thought I was being lazy, but I really hurt.  I should’ve stayed in the bed and honestly kept the baby in our pack in play in our bedroom so that it wouldn’t be so hard to get to her with my pain.

It is nice to be home though.

When does your sleep schedule normalize?   Or does it?

NEVER!!! lol  I hear it normalizes at 8 months.  We aren’t there yet.  Harper will sleep from 12-5/6 and that’s pretty much the best we can do for now.  sometimes she will randomly wake up at 3-4 crying for a binky or diaper change.  Maybe she just wakes up and realizes she’s alone.

Do you need to remove your breast implants (or as my Nanny calls them: “Plastic Titties”) in order to breast feed?

NOPE!  I was producing milk when I was 5 months pregnant!   When Harper was born I was producing enough milk to feed twins!  Not a single problem with that!

Can you have intercourse while you are pregnant?  Will it hurt the baby?

Of course you can, unless you have a condition that prevents you from doing so.  It won’t hurt the baby…the  male part doesn’t reach the baby! 🙂

At what point does sex become awkward during pregnancy?

John said that it was awkward for him when he could SEE  her move from outside my belly.

How often do your boobs leak?

When I was pregnant they’d leak about a quarter size spot on my shirts 4 times a day.

Post pregnancy, I had SEVERE leaking if I was late on pumping!!!  One day I was out running an errand and didn’t expect to be out so long.  They leaked all the way through my shirt and down to my jeans soaking them!!!  It was crazy!  They hardly ever leak now but this week is my last week of making milk.

Does the baby hurt your nipples?

She did.  That’s why I chose pumping instead of latching.

Does your lady area go back to normal?

Mine never really changed since I had a c section.  It does HURT the first few times after having a baby.  Even with a c section!

How bad does the pregnancy really hurt?

It’s the worst pain I can imagine.  I seriously thought that I would die without an epidural.  I kept thinking I was dying because I felt my body was going to go into shock from such excruciating pain.  Women who do it without drugs are super heros.  I could never have made it without my epidural.


Thank you to all my dear friends who submitted questions!  You know I love you!  🙂




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