The Mommy and The Birthday

Yesterday it was my Birthday! I used to always refer to my 20th birthday as being my favorite and most fun. NOW this year is my favorite birthday. My day was perfect. My evening was fun. I went home and got to sleep with my little girl. I have everything in the world I could possibly ever want or need!

The day started out with a kiss goodbye from John and a cuddle session with Harper.

Then it really picked up when we met our friends, Lura and Mae for a picnic. I was particularly excited for this because Harper has never really met another baby her size! And low and behold, Mae is almost EXACTLY Harper’s age! Harper is only a couple hours older! It was fun to see how they reacted to each other because Mae hadn’t met anyone her size either! I think if they could have had it their way, they would’ve just chewed on each others hands or feet the entire visit. I mean what are friends for?







(are you seeing how much STUFF we brought for a picnic?!??? lol)

John even stopped by to say hello to me for my birthday! 🙂

Then Harper and I said goodbye to Lura and Mae and headed to the JEWELRY store! 🙂 I got to pick out some pretty exciting things!

Then my favorite part of everyday rolled around…nap time. I just love to watch her sleep. I like to hold her and snuggle and hope that she doesn’t grow out of cuddling too soon!!!

During nap time John came home and led me to my big birthday surprise!!! A beautiful pallet swing he made himself!!!! AND my side of the garage door is working now! YAHOO!!!!!

After some pregame singing and pepping up-20120420-174349.jpg

we headed to eat, then play kickball!!

There was mingling, dancing, and some singing…20120420-174358.jpg

then we came home to a wide awake baby who was ready to cuddle with The Mommy and The Daddy for the night!! 🙂



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