Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

It’s been said to me a hundred times over.

“Harper is so happy!!”

I love this. Because she really is. Every baby has their moments, but for the most part we got a good, happy, lovey baby!!! How did we get so lucky? In the beginning, we thought the odds were against us. She tried to come early. This brought on questions of putting her in the NICU if she came. This would break my heart. We came in for our 39 week appointment only to be told she hadn’t grown any in TWO WEEKS. That was scary. Why??? Why hadn’t my baby been growing? I HAD BEEN GROWING!? Was she starving in there? …THEN the delivery. oh…the delivery!! My body didn’t want to let her out. I wouldn’t dilate, they found muconium in my waters. They told us she may have respiratory problems that could lead to pneumonia… Thankfully she didn’t. She was in distress after 7 hours of labor resulting in an emergency c section. She came out perfect. Well, almost. The doctors swore she would have jaundice. Her billiruben (sp?) levels weren’t right and they even made me come back for a visit the 2nd day home! AND SHE WAS PERFECT!


This girl is rich.

Rich with love.

Rich with happiness.

Rich with fun.

Rich with milk.

Rich with racoons, zebras, monkeys, bunnies, giraffes, and owls.

AND OF COURSE my rich girl prefers a deer park water bottle over them all! 🙂 A sign of things to come.

Every day with her is a blessing for us both.

When we take our 2:30 nap I like to rock her and say to her over and over again “Mommy loves you…mommy loves you…mommy loves you…” I hope she dreams about how much The Mommy loves her.


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