Pure Barre Progress note.

So I have been attending Pure Barre of Birmingham (the 280 location) for my 3rd month now. I hadn’t previously gone like I should’ve! I would go 2-3 times a week. BUT this past week I have gone 5 days in a row, skipped Friday, and then my 6th class this week was today!

My friend raved about Pure Barre, and how much it had changed her life. So…of course I was interested after just having had a baby 3 months prior!! SO, I got my butt off the couch and signed up for my first month at a special rate of 100$ unlimited! It was hard. Probably because I seriously haven’t done one activity involving muscles during the 9.5 months of pregnancy! I’ve always hated working out, really. Going to this place was a huge step.

During my first class… I looked like an idiot (I think I probably even fell over at some point)…but now I could do 75% of the workout with my eyes closed while the instructor talks the class through it! The day after my first class…

But I trucked on and came again the next day …and eventually, made it a part of my weekly routine.

I have noticed many changes in my body. Mainly my butt. They really should call Phedra Parks and make sure that she knows that her “Donkey Booty” workout might be violating Pure Barre’s copy rights! I already have a big butt. Almost always have. After the baby, it was out of control. Correction-IT IS OUT OF CONTROL. Almost every class, I notice my “Donkey Booty” is bigger than everyone else’s!! Actually, I’m usually the biggest person in each class. I look around at a room full of girls that are beautifully shaped, toned, and glowing and think to myself “If they got this way from this class, by gosh- I’m going to keep coming!!

I’ve also noticed a big improvement in my scoliosis pain. My back has killed me since high school, and especially so during pregnancy!! But now, NONE. Seriously. I must have strengthened my back muscles enough to better support my spine. Go me. (well, actually, go pure barre Birmingham!)

Now, when I get in my car and hear some snazzy music I find myself “tucking” the whole way. I feel like I need to suggest “the wobble” song for one of our workout singles! HAHA actually I wish they had a ghetto playlist. Pretty soon, I won’t be able to listen to “those” songs when miss Harper can understand English!

I love walking in and hearing “hey bell” from the instructors. I like that During the unbearable burning at the end of a workout I’ll hear “Ladies, only 30 seconds…you can do anything for 30 seconds!!!” I must admit there are some instructors I try to avoid. I’m sure they’re someone else’s favorite, just not mine…maybe because I haven’t given them enough of a chance to get to know me. I’m more shy in class than in real life (and more ratty looking) for some reason! I like the girls at night that remember my correct name, that constantly motivate me, that will physically correct me when I need help (because I’ll admit-sometimes I look like a dying fish floppin’ around on the studio floor), and i love the girls who act like the genuinely care. I’ve noticed that some don’t provide me with this special coddling.:) They just have a different style of teaching, and that’s fine! Clearly it works well for others, because I know they all get full classes! My favorite instructors at the 280 location are : Laura Lou, Amy, Anna, and Christin. (There is one other cute blonde girl I can’t remember and I’m kicking myself for forgetting right now!)

The only cons I can see so far with these classes are that some exercises hurt my hips. I assume that’s because I had a baby not long ago. That’s fine, I can skip those few exercises and stretch during that time, or only do the part of the exercise that doesn’t hurt! The other con is that the prices are way too high. I have invited SEVERAL(9 or 10) friends, all of whom can’t attend because it’s just too expensive. I was told that they would work with me on a lower price when i was short on cash one month, however I didn’t really find anyone who would try to help to the extent I needed. With a normal income, this place is NOT practical. If you have a college ID you can get the lowest rate of 100$ a month. That is fine for me. But there is NO way I could afford the 175$ price advertised. I also wish they would advertise their student discounts more openly. I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose, but nobody ever mentioned that to me until I was probing for any kind of deal they could work out for my low budget! I know they are hell bent on their prices, but seriously, if lowered, I bet they would make up for it in an increase of new customers who couldn’t previously afford the package! I have a couple of friends who go to a different location and they also agree that the150-175$ price isn’t worth the class.

I also wish they had later classes on fridays Satudays! On Fridays, John isn’t home to watch the baby until after five-so I can’t attend Friday classes normally. On Sundays I am up at 3 am with a baby every night so it’s a rush to drive out there at 8:30 to make the 9:45 class when I’m exhausted from being up with the baby! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some of my belly improvements. I’m being brave here. Really brave. I’ve only shown a FEW people these.

(the last day I was pregnant!)




















(Day of delivery -BIG from fluids!! yuck!)
















(2 Days after delivery- I still looked pregnant!)






















(About 2 Weeks after delivery)


















(Same day below.)












(2 Months after delivery) This is around when I started hitting up Pure Barre 280!











(4 Months after delivery)

(You can’t even see my c section scar it’s so low!)

(Present Day)























My scar isn’t nearly as bad as I had been imagining before I ever got it!

Again…BRAVE photo.


This reminds me…I need to stop for some maderma to lighten the scar!

Stay tuned,


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2 thoughts on “Pure Barre Progress note.

  1. You look amazing! I hope when I have a little one some day I bounce back that quick. Have you ever tried pilates? It builds a similar body to ballet exercises and I just watch blogilates videos at home. But if you feel that great from this particular workout only and motivates you to be consistent it might be worth working it in to your budget when possible.

  2. Hey! I realize this post is from almost a year ago but I just found out about the online barre3 workouts and have really enjoyed them since having my second 6 weeks ago. It’s only $15 a month and there is a lot of variety ๐Ÿ™‚ we don’t have pure barre here, but even if we did the price is way too high for me as well (and most everyone I know!) great post ๐Ÿ™‚

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