My Mother’s Day Tangent

Today is Mother’s Day.

Everyone keeps saying it’s my first Mother’s Day.  But I was a mother last year.  So lets call it my SECOND Mother’s Day.

Now that is settled.

What is weird about this year is feeling the unshakeable almost painful love I have for Harper.  I look at her every single day and am so scared for her to grow up even though I am excited when she does ANYTHING new!  This world is so scary!  I can’t imagine even her first scraped knee.  It’s going to hurt her AND me.  How do I hold it together?  How will she be if I am the one who cries when she hurts herself!!??  John has told me the story of an awful car wreck he was in when he was about 12 years old SEVERAL times.  I say several…but maybe he’s only done it a few times.  BUT it seems like several times because every time he has EVER told it I have either been pregnant or actually have a baby in the real world.  He always talks about how his mother had to see him in the wrecked car that he was stuck in for hours.  He tells me how his mother heard him screaming during procedures.  I can’t even imagine.  I never ask her about how she felt because I don’t even want to know…my heart hurts for how she felt during those times just imagining how it was!!!   I was TERRIFIED he would get into another car accident my WHOLE pregnancy.  I was afraid of a lot of things, but that was probably in the top 3 things I was scared of.  I know that was pregnancy brain….BUT NOW I HAVE MOMMY BRAIN!  I think I am currently going to take out all of our savings to build Harper an un-crushable bubble that she has to be in when she leaves the house.  I can’t help but wonder if this fear of her getting hurt will EVER go away!  Does John’s mom have anxiety about her kids and cars now?  I think I’ll ask her…  ORRRR…she will read this and call me to tell me about it 😉

Look.  I went off on a tangent.  Go me.

Today was great.  We got up a little early…and went back to bed.  All three of us together for another hour.  Then it was up to get ready for a fun outing!  John took myself, Harper, his mom, and his dad to Silvertron Cafe.  They have brunch.  The place looks shabby.  It doesn’t look like a place with good grub.  But by George they have the BEST steak with hollendaise sauce topping.  I like to refer to it as Jesus sauce.  It’s heavenly.  We waited an hour to get the delish Jesus sauce.  Worth it.  Totally worth it.  I was even allotted 3 sides of it to take home for my own steaks!  The place also has some pretty bangin’ 3$ raspberry mimosas.  Satisfied customer.

We left there and went straight to the mall for my mother’s day present!  Let me be clear… I do not NEED a single thing.  Nothing.   I HAVE EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING’S ACCESSORY.  But…I’ve had my eye on Bethenny Frankel’s new best selling book.  If you know me, you know I love Bethenny.  Love her.  Want to be her.  Want to be as funny, pretty, skinny, loving, and ridiculous she is.  Well, maybe I don’t want to be her, but you get the point.  I’m on chapter 3 and so far I feel like I could read cover to cover.  I’ll let you know if it’s just THAT good or….if I just love Bethenny.    I also scored a couple of other neat finds in the book store:  A book called “Heaven is For Real” and “Some Assembly Required”.  “Heaven is for Real” is a faith based book and I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about it.  “Some Assembly Required” is about a mother watching her son raise a new son of his own.  I picked it up and figured it would be a good book to read, then pass along to John’s mother!  (If it’s good.)

On the way out of the bookstore…I came upon the most wonderful shirt in life.  It was fate.  Just meant to be.  See below.  If you like Big Bang…you’re dying for this shirt right now.  Books a Million, folks.  Go there.  RUN.  NOW.

John put the baby down for me tonight instead of my nightly routine of her fighting me for sleep.  Thank you very much.  I was even able to grieve him into changing more diapers today than normal. 😉

But anyways… in the spirit of Mother’s Day…

Things I love about my Mom:

  • She is thoughtful.
  • She thinks of others before herself.
  • She has a genuinely kind heart.
  • She loves animals.  (I definitely took after her on that one!!!)
  • She loves me unconditionally (trust me, I’ve done some pretty jacked up things and she still loves me)
  • She loves John.
  • She loves her Grand Daughter with everything she has.
  • She is talented.  She can make a great pair of earrings in the blink of an eye, crochet like a maniac, and is a computer whiz.
  • She gave me a nice butt.  Lets face it, my dad doesn’t have an A**.  🙂  I’ve always been blessed in the booty department.
  • She is open minded.
  • She trusts my decisions.
  • She isn’t afraid of my driving anymore.  (I don’t think.)  if she is…then…
  • She is a great actress.  lol

I Love her and am grateful for her rearing me.  🙂  Even when I was a butt to her.

Here’s to all the mommas, baby’s mommas, and baby’s momma’s mommas.  I am for reaaaaaaaaaaaalll!

I just broke out into song.  It’s time for this post to end.

Happy Mother’s Day,



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