My incompetent thumb

Well, it didn’t take long for my black kiss of death entwined in the roots of my new garden. 5 days to be precise.



I just wasn’t blessed with the green thumb. I’ll keep trying. And I’m sure the ladies at Home Depot will look at my dead plants in amazement every time I return dead things.


This time I even went crazy and bought a lemon tree. I know it’s random. But so am I. And I like me.

I also took some time to try out a few new to me gadgets today. I mowed our entire lawn AND trimmed our shrubs. I’ve never trimmed a shrub. The only thing I can compare it to is a when I sheared my cat and made him appear to have the mange since I skipped a few spots. Sure, they’re looking more shapely…but there are a few bald spots now! 🙂

Here are some befores and and afters of my gardening fun. I want to make our yard look great, but it’s so hard! Physically it’s hard in general sometimes because of the heat and the stooping. My hips kill. Thanks child bearing. Hopefully I can finish our front gardens in the next couple of weeks so that it looks presentable!

Below me are some before and after photos.  Just took a little trim! 🙂








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