Teen Mom Rant

I keep seeing posts on facebook about how MTV’s show “16 & Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” are promoting teen pregnancy.  They say that now, girls want to obtain the same fame that the cast of the show have by getting pregnant on purpose.  That’s such a crock of crap.  A friend of mine informed me of a research paper she recently did showing that in the past couple years teen pregnancy has declined.  So all of you that think MTV is to blame for so many teen pregnancies -SUCK IT.

It’ s a show that lets other young women see how hard, heart breaking, and lonely teen pregnancy can be.  The 16 & Pregnant casts don’t get paid I don’t believe (but the teen mom casts do now), so I’m not really sure why they even put themselves out there, but I do know that they would be pregnant whether MTV existed or not.  That’s just the world we live in today.

I come to the thought of :  Would I let my daughter watch these shows when she is a teenager?  YES.  They really do show how hard it is to have a teenage life while raising a newborn.

I love watching the first group of girls from 16 & Pregnant (Now, Teen Mom).  You tell me that if you were offered 75 grand per season to let a film crew follow your young family around that you would say no.  I sure as heck wouldn’t!  This gives them great opportunities to have a home on their own and to attend school without worrying about a full time job.  It is a good thing for their children!  These girls are realizing they should’ve made better decisions, but what was done is done, and now they are having great opportunities to speak to other young girls about abstinence.  Sure, they obtain a little fame.  But the season I watch the most take care and love their children, MTV can’t alter that- it’s plain as day.

What made me think of this is a little photo I saw today criticizing Maci Bookout for getting implants.  They posted the before and after picture and said “I don’t see why girls do this to themselves”.

A.  Why are her plastic titties any of your business to share online if you aren’t friends with her?

B.  She deserves to do things that make her feel good.  If this is it, and she can afford it, do it!

C. Getting implants doesn’t alter your ability to be a parent.  I do pretty well for myself. 🙂

D.  Review your own decisions of how you alter your own body before judging others for altering theirs.

C.  She looks beautiful in both pictures that were shown!

Maci, if you’re out there:  Just know Bell has your back.  You already know you have haters so I’m sure you’ve learned how to just ignore them!


That is all.







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