The SEVEN month post.


You can see how much she has grown and how much her PERSONALITY has grown since month 1!!!



2 weeks, 2.5 months, 6 months



She’s finally bigger than Mr. Owl!!!

I can’t believe we have made it to month 7 already!! Everyone in the world will tell you that time flies regarding children, and they’re right. That’s the most RIGHT comment I’ve heard over 100 times! Dead on.

She used to be so smooshy…now even when she sleeps, she’s everywhere!

Actually, anywhere she is she is INTO EVERYTHING.

I can turn my head, and look back to realize she’s got a dog toy in her mouth.

Go to use the restoom and she is an inch away from plummeting off the bed.

Go to change clothes and come back to realize she can climb OUT OF the pack n play! WHAT!?

It’s all happening, all at once. All of a sudden she is getting the hang of everything!

New developments at 7 months:

  • She can crawl. It’s an army crawl, but when people say “she’s almost crawling” they’re off. She can get from A to B ASAP!!!
  • I’m not sure if it developed at 6 months or this month- but her “fear” reaction is on point. It kills me.
  • She recognizes animals and will scream out with excitement when they come up to her.
  • She has started to say : DADA, MAMA, BABA, AND NANA in the past few weeks. They aren’t intentionally focused towards people but it’s a step in the right direction!
  • She LOVES cords.
  • She’d rather play with a box than with a toy.
  • She accidentally sat up on her own from the laying down position the first 2 times this week.
  • She can pull up to a standing position. On purpose.
  • She cries when I walk away. In fact, last night when I walked away she started crying and throwing “mamamamamamama” into the cry mix! So…I didn’t get a lunch because I felt guilty walking away.
  • If I sit down in the floor she will crawl into my lap.
  • She fights sleep less.
  • She MAINLY eats baby food (and a little milk) during the day. TODAY she’s already had 15 ounces of food. I can only assume this means she’s growing.
  • She SLEEPS a good stint of SEVEN hours. This is greatness. One day she is going to give me 8 hours. I can just feel it.

Gotta go! I hear someone waking up from their nap WAY too early!!!

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Don’t jump!!!

I’m QUICKLY realizing my job of playing with my cute little baby has turned into a full on tactical team worthy venture of keeping her from killing herself.

Exhibit A. (from yesterday’s post)


First injury from exhibit A:


Exhibit B:




Good thing I was there knowing what she was capable of.  or…SPLAT!

I’ve also figured out that any kind of strings or cords are OFF LIMITS.  She grabs them, puts them in her mouth, AND ROLLS.  I know this because she was playing with some craft ribbon that I thought was harmless, only to see her wrap it around her neck!  AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  All of my harmless things are turning into weapons.

…Gotta make sure my baby isn’t eating any chemicals now…see ya!

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Don’t jump!!!


I’m QUICKLY realizing my job of playing with my cute little baby has turned into a full on tactical team worthy venture of keeping her from killing herself. 

Exhibit A. (from yesterday’s post)



First injury from exhibit A:


Exhibit B:





Good thing I was there knowing what she was capable of.  or…SPLAT! 

I’ve also figured out that any kind of strings or cords are OFF LIMITS.  She grabs them, puts them in her mouth, AND ROLLS.  I know this because she was playing with some craft ribbon that I thought was harmless, only to see her wrap it around her neck!  AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  All of my harmless things are turning into weapons.

…Gotta make sure my baby isn’t eating any chemicals now…see ya!


Things just got harder.

This week I am starting to realize that the “easy phase” we’d been having for the past month is slipping away from me. I could set Harper Mack up in front of a cool kids movie and she would be entertained long enough for me to go check the mail, to do a load of laundry, to make the bed, just anything simple that only takes a few minutes. TODAY – that didn’t happen.

I left her in the baby chair (BELTED TIGHT) in front of Gnomio and Juliet.

She looked like this when I went down to check the mail:





I have no idea how she did it.

She can also crawl to the tv cords and yank at them. I happens FAST. She can turn over the garbage can and start chewing on diapers. She can try to open the baby gate. She can halfway stand herself up and fall back down.

Things just got harder.

This is how I’ve been studying lately:







We can’t even lay her on our bed to go use the restroom.  I figured that out the other day.  Luckily I’m quick like a cat and caught her before her plunge to the carpet THIS TIME.  The days have ended where we can sit her down and KNOW she will be exactly in that same place when we return.

I love it, I am just scared of it. The time has already escaped me. I have thousands of pictures to prove that the time happened…thousands of memories…but it still feels like everything is going TOO fast!  Time to slow down and enjoy I think! 🙂


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The post with no pictures.

If you keep up with me you’ve noticed I’ve been slacking in the blog department. It’s just that there have been too many things going on to update it as much as when I was pregnant! AND…I lost a memory card with 200 plus photos from a great weekend in Chattanooga. So I’ve been sulking for the past few days about not having the photos to post.

I always say “pic or it didn’t happen”… What a bummer.

Our weekend was very busy. We packed up and left for TN Saturday morning and arrived for lunch with my parents, aunt, and uncle. A few hours later we found ourselves at an exciting birthday party for my best friend’s little girl! She turned 2! (I really hope I can find that memory card because right here_______ is where I would insert all the pictures from that day). They had a petting zoo at their house. Real animals. And a bunny. I want a bunny. Well, sort of. I just want to rent a bunny and snuggle it for a few hours, then return it. Is that strange? Don’t care. I’m in the market to rent a bunny.

Sunday we scurried off to our favorite brunch spot on the way home only to find that the wait was 1.5 hours. That’s not an option while traveling with a (almost) 7 month old. Actually, I don’t recommend traveling with babies (3 month-12 months) more than 1.5 hours. A friend summed it up when she made the comment that being in the car with a baby during a long trip can make you “want to jump out of a moving vehicle.” True story. It’s safe to say traveling will be at a minimum until it is no longer a problem. The 2.5 hour trip home was complicated with about a total of 30-45 minutes of screaming. Doesn’t sound like a long time does it? IT IS. YOU CAN’T ESCAPE. OR FIX IT.

We made it home just in time for me to study for THREE tests in ONE class Monday. My overall grade for the day was an A!!! 🙂 This is GREATNESS. I didn’t expect even a B to be honest. Now on to memorizing every bone in the human body!!! 🙂

Adult time

Tonight was a GREAT time to interact with real adults!  John invited me to a business dinner – and it was all sorts of fun!  Yay us!





The great sushi operation of 2012

I may be a pro at Publix, however, at the Asian supermarket…I look like an idiot.  And I soon realized that I was the only person who wasn’t of Asian decent in the whole building.  Nobody wore a uniform…I stood there wide eyed looking at all of these people who COULD work there…but DID THEY?!?!  I don’t want to be that guy.  The racist one.  So I stayed quiet until I caught someone going behind the cash register!  Success.

2 hours later, and 2 more stores later, I went home to start my experiment.  Luckily I took a class from BirminghamSushi a few weeks ago and was well prepared for the actual sushi making!!  If you’re interested in taking a class and you are in the Birmingham area, give them a call because Kelly is a GREAT instructor!  Funny too.  I’m into that.

Today’s creation was a crunchy crab roll (I didn’t have time to make the crunch part) and a philly roll.

Here’s what I ended up with.

I TRIED to write my name in the home made eel sauce…it sort of looks like Bell right?









Check out the little sushi man I found at World Market! Cute…but not totally functional for me. I had to rip his legs off.




Look! Kelly even taught me how to make my own eel sauce and spicy mayo!!!
Hope you all can enjoy your own at home sushi experience!

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Are you really out there?

I keep seeing that people are viewing my site from Pakistan, Spain, and the UK!  🙂  Let me know you’re out there!  I love it!!

They said what?!?!

Things a new mom does NOT want to hear:

  • “When is the due date?”  REALLY???  I think the response to this would be “November, when are YOU/YOUR WIFE due?”
  • “Oh my baby was sleeping all night at that age.”  That’ll make a new mom nearly kick you into next week.
  • “Oh you’re staying home??  I couldn’t just sit around at home all day LIKE THAT.”
  • “Well my kids were eating whatever by 6 months – she will be fine if I give her stuff other than what you sent along with her.”  HOW DARE YOU!?  If she has a bad reaction to something she ate while not with us, who is coming home to take care of her?  Who is getting screamed at all day by a sick/fussy baby?  Who is going to the hospital with me if it’s a severe reaction?  I can GUARANTEE it’s not the said “treat giver”!  Think before you do people- or you will never get to see whatever baby you were watching if you blatantly step on the toes of Mom.
  • “You better get some socks on this baby!”  Okay people, my feet are ice cubes all day every day.  You know what?  I haven’t died from it.  As long as she is happy barefoot, I am happy to let her be barefoot!  It’s summer.
  • “Your milk might be bad, or you baby probably just doesn’t like your milk” OH.  MY.  GOSH.  You’re lucky you didn’t get football tackled by a hormonally crazed  postpartum woman.
  • “You can’t breast feed for too long.”  LISTEN.  It’s actually RECOMMENDED by pediatricians to breastfeed for the first 2 years of life.  It has hundreds of nutrients and vitamins that anything produced in baby food does NOT have in it.  It is actually the BEST thing you can do for your child.  I’m sorry if YOU were unable to do it.  But I could.  And I would’ve done it as long as I had supply.  Even if people judged me.  Of course I was pumping so we wouldn’t have to go though that awkward latching every few hours no matter where we were at.
  • “_______ is what’s wrong with her.”  Why thank you, DOCTOR know it all!
  • “what’s that big spot on her back from”  Are you looking for her medical history??  Just assume it’ a birth mark, or even better, keep your thoughts on it to yourself.
  • “I’m skinnier now than I was pre pregnancy.”  Great.  I will be going to jump off of a bridge shortly.
  • Any single thing about weight.  AVOID WEIGHT.  Avoid it at all costs.  It will get you on the naughty list just as fast as you can blink.

There you have it.  Soak it all in.


**These things are my opinion of a FEW peeving comments made by MULTIPLE people to me.  If I listed every condescending comment made to me regarding motherhood, well…heads would roll.   I must include that this post is  not for anyone specific at all.  It’s just a “hey I was bored, realized I needed to post yesterday, and thought this was a fun topic.” kind of thing.  If you actually know me, don’t take offense to it.  Unless you think you’ve said these things to me ten times.  Then you can be offended.  Go ahead.

Happy Belated Father’s Day

I guess first and foremost I need to mention the first man to ever love me AND loved BY me in the entire world, my Daddy.

He is a VERY hard working, VERY kind, Very loving father. I am one of the luckiest daughters in the world, actually.

He taught me how to do belly flops in our above ground pool, taught me to like the taste of a spam sandwich, and is a perfect example of what every woman should look for in a man. He really set the standards high.

Oh yeah, and he’s super skinny. I like that genetic makeup. I attribute it to my metabolism all throughout high school and college.

He’s the kind of daddy that when a request is made, it is usually fulfilled.


  • “Daddy can we get a free kitten on the way out of wal mart? PLEASE!!!!”
  • “Why doesn’t Santa ever bring me that puppy I asked for?!”
  • “Daddy, can I have your car?”
  • “Daddy, can I have another car to replace the completely totaled car you gave me?”
  • “Daddy, I need new tires. …….Because I simultaneously burst 3 of them on one day.”
  • “Daddy, will you pick up just 8 items from the store on your way home?”
  • “Daddy, can Mommy bring me to your work so can have Pizza Hut buffet and so I can sit on your bright orange work counter top.”

Oh and here is one of my favorite quotes.

Scenario: My mother just saw the belly button piercing that I had managed to keep hidden for almost an entire year. That’s monumental people. (ya know what’s even funnier is they never noticed I got my tongue pierced. SURPRISE!)

Mom freaks out. (Duh- she knew how trashy that thing looked, not to mention what it cost, where I’d gotten the money, and how I had lied to get it done.)

Daddy says: “Oh, well, I mean….I guess…well… all the kids are doing it these days anyways!”

That comment probably almost made my father a bachelor.

Here’s to the father that catered to my every need as a child! (Especially bringing me sprite every night when I would whine out…..”daaaaaaaaady???????” in the middle of the night, even though he had to be at work the next day. I love you and the person you are. I am so fortunate to have you, and now- so fortunate to have you as Harper’s Poppie!


Yes…that’s me in the squirrel suit.


The very first one to love my daughter. Actually, the very first man to hold my daughter.

The man who works hard every day so that I can stay at home with Harper and go to school and hardly ever buys anything for himself so that he can maintain our home. He is the best father in the world besides my own. One day he will fall further into her sweet spell and I have the feeling she will be expecting from him what my daddy gave to me during my childhood.


The day wasn’t about gifts, but let’s face it, I’m not turning down an opportunity for retail therapy on a Sunday!! So Harper and I gave him a pair of shoes he wanted. THEN, being the amazing person he was, he bought me a pretty glass owl I was gawking over!

It made me reflect on an adventure to the Tennessee Aquarium last year. They had a GIANT owl. God only knows how much that thing was. I hugged it and squeezed it and shook it a little…and he looked at me and asked “Baby do you want him? I’ll get him for you if you want him!!” Of course the owl was a little ridiculous- so we opted for something equally as appealing, just smaller.


I love you Daddy and John- Happy belated father’s day!


Hope you all had a good father’s day!


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A Case of the Saturdays

When Harper wakes up at random times, I find myself so confused. It throws off my entire day.

This Saturday Harper woke up at a random time during the night, BUT she slept until 9:30. I say slept…What I mean is: we didn’t hear her whining until 9:30. So either she was asleep, or quietly looking around her crib.

John questioned why she wasn’t up at 8. DON’T YOU DARE GET UP!!! I said. When the baby gods give you an extra hour to be by yourself, in bed, and quiet…TAKE IT. ENJOY IT. NO. MATTER. WHAT.

Once we were up, it was time to scurry off to the park. Ya know since we were “late”.

Here’s what the park looked like:




There’s no judgement in The Dudes Group



Then we fulfilled my craving of Taziki’s and let the girls look at each other for a little longer! 🙂



Why do both of the girls look so concerned in this one?!


Holding hands!!!!


Give it back!!!

They are going to be SO cute when they are older! I love it!!!!

We finished off with naps for all, and a lovely dinner with John’s parents and Harper’s cousins!





She’s SO excited about Pawpaw her feet are going faster than my phone can capture!


She was NOT going to take her eyes off of this big guy…surely he was up to no good!


Kisses from Pawpaw!

Hope your Saturday was just as fun!!

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Sunday Funday

This title used to mean something totally different to me.  It used to mean hair of the dog on a boat in the Tennessee River all day. 

Things just got better.

I was lucky enough to have a best friend that cued me in on the new release of Madagascar 3!!!  🙂

SO…I informed John that we would be attending the movie with Harper in tow! 

I feel like overall it was  a success.  Sure…we started out with a poopy diaper in an almost dark theater.  I thought it was a pee diaper.  That’s what I get for assuming.  Anyways, she probably watched 45 minutes of the movie…fussed 15 minutes…THEN slept the last 15 minutes!  🙂  We never had to escort her from the theater as other parents did though!  See?  Success!!
















Hope you had a Sunday Funday of your own.




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A post. For a person.

I find it sad that one of my own family members reads my blog and tries to cause trouble between myself and other family members though its content. This post is simply for that person. I can see every time you search Birminghambell.WORLDpress. 🙂 you can just visit the site by going to . You know who you are, and your negativity is not welcome. This is exactly why you’ve never met our daughter. I hope you find joy in your own life and can keep away from causing troubles in others. Keep enjoying the blog if you can contain yourself from malice gossip.

Our Little Getaway

Yesterday we loaded up and headed out to my hometown of Chattanooga, TN.  Just the kid and I.  She slept all but 20 minutes of the trip there.

This was kind of a trip with the sole purpose of some quality friend time!  I wanted her to finally get to meet some of my awesome friends- and that she did!  Charmed every single one of them!

Harper loved D! And I think he was pretty fond of her too! Just like a natural. Like I thought it would be any other way!

D’s parent’s finally got to meet the little girl they’d been sent all the pictures of! 🙂

Harper and E swimming!!


Common interests



Watching Poppy’s fish tank!









Of course she plays with cats. Have you met me?









N meeting Harper for the first time!









Harper meeting little H! He was super excited to meet her from what I hear! 🙂 He was sweet with her!










Harper meeting H …she LOVES hats!









Lunch and meeting a new face – Miss A!













My new hair compliments of N.












Back of my awesome new color.

It was nice to have the support system of my parents. It’s not everyday that people are wanting me to leave the baby with them and let me get away! Living so far away from them has proven more difficult than expected. But hey- I’ll make the best of it- I live here! We have a couple great babysitters! 🙂

Bell and Harper

The first 26 hours…


A whole 26 hours.

That’s a first.

It was strange.

The first thing I did was clean our downstairs area…all the while listening for Harper to wake up from her nap…only to realize “oh yea…she’s not here”…

John went to play golf (and have dinner) for 9 hours with his husband.  Needless to say- I got to pick the movie we saw.  🙂


The house was SO lonely.   The kind of lonely you can almost see.

I was able to get my study on…but further than that…SO LONELY.  I’d forgotten what it was like to be completely ALONE.  Things hadn’t been that way since I was pregnant.  I’m not so sure I like it.

I’m glad there is a baby in my nursery sleeping now.  I’m glad to be on high alert for any peep coming from that way.  No peeps for 2 hours hopefully.

Here’s the face I missed so much for the past 26 hours: