The post with no pictures.

If you keep up with me you’ve noticed I’ve been slacking in the blog department. It’s just that there have been too many things going on to update it as much as when I was pregnant! AND…I lost a memory card with 200 plus photos from a great weekend in Chattanooga. So I’ve been sulking for the past few days about not having the photos to post.

I always say “pic or it didn’t happen”… What a bummer.

Our weekend was very busy. We packed up and left for TN Saturday morning and arrived for lunch with my parents, aunt, and uncle. A few hours later we found ourselves at an exciting birthday party for my best friend’s little girl! She turned 2! (I really hope I can find that memory card because right here_______ is where I would insert all the pictures from that day). They had a petting zoo at their house. Real animals. And a bunny. I want a bunny. Well, sort of. I just want to rent a bunny and snuggle it for a few hours, then return it. Is that strange? Don’t care. I’m in the market to rent a bunny.

Sunday we scurried off to our favorite brunch spot on the way home only to find that the wait was 1.5 hours. That’s not an option while traveling with a (almost) 7 month old. Actually, I don’t recommend traveling with babies (3 month-12 months) more than 1.5 hours. A friend summed it up when she made the comment that being in the car with a baby during a long trip can make you “want to jump out of a moving vehicle.” True story. It’s safe to say traveling will be at a minimum until it is no longer a problem. The 2.5 hour trip home was complicated with about a total of 30-45 minutes of screaming. Doesn’t sound like a long time does it? IT IS. YOU CAN’T ESCAPE. OR FIX IT.

We made it home just in time for me to study for THREE tests in ONE class Monday. My overall grade for the day was an A!!! 🙂 This is GREATNESS. I didn’t expect even a B to be honest. Now on to memorizing every bone in the human body!!! 🙂


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