The SEVEN month post.


You can see how much she has grown and how much her PERSONALITY has grown since month 1!!!



2 weeks, 2.5 months, 6 months



She’s finally bigger than Mr. Owl!!!

I can’t believe we have made it to month 7 already!! Everyone in the world will tell you that time flies regarding children, and they’re right. That’s the most RIGHT comment I’ve heard over 100 times! Dead on.

She used to be so smooshy…now even when she sleeps, she’s everywhere!

Actually, anywhere she is she is INTO EVERYTHING.

I can turn my head, and look back to realize she’s got a dog toy in her mouth.

Go to use the restoom and she is an inch away from plummeting off the bed.

Go to change clothes and come back to realize she can climb OUT OF the pack n play! WHAT!?

It’s all happening, all at once. All of a sudden she is getting the hang of everything!

New developments at 7 months:

  • She can crawl. It’s an army crawl, but when people say “she’s almost crawling” they’re off. She can get from A to B ASAP!!!
  • I’m not sure if it developed at 6 months or this month- but her “fear” reaction is on point. It kills me.
  • She recognizes animals and will scream out with excitement when they come up to her.
  • She has started to say : DADA, MAMA, BABA, AND NANA in the past few weeks. They aren’t intentionally focused towards people but it’s a step in the right direction!
  • She LOVES cords.
  • She’d rather play with a box than with a toy.
  • She accidentally sat up on her own from the laying down position the first 2 times this week.
  • She can pull up to a standing position. On purpose.
  • She cries when I walk away. In fact, last night when I walked away she started crying and throwing “mamamamamamama” into the cry mix! So…I didn’t get a lunch because I felt guilty walking away.
  • If I sit down in the floor she will crawl into my lap.
  • She fights sleep less.
  • She MAINLY eats baby food (and a little milk) during the day. TODAY she’s already had 15 ounces of food. I can only assume this means she’s growing.
  • She SLEEPS a good stint of SEVEN hours. This is greatness. One day she is going to give me 8 hours. I can just feel it.

Gotta go! I hear someone waking up from their nap WAY too early!!!

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