If you’ve seen my belly  photos from being pregnant you will notice that 90% of them have a little grey kitten adorning my bump.  That is Tom.  That was his spot.  It was warm…he purred to harper…and sometimes he would watch her kick him.  I was pretty sure he was fond of her.

But…….he sort of looks at her like she is an alien.  And she looks at him with excitement and the “I’m going to eat you kitty!” mentality.

Tom just realized we installed a baby gate.



























I decided we needed to get her a “practice Tom” instead of placing Tom in the torture chamber with the baby. This little guy is pretty similar to Tom, right?



















Well, hopefully he will warm up to her. It would be a huge leap for him because he doesn’t like anyone except John and I. He panics when newcomers appear at the house. I never thought he would be that way, but what can I expect after capturing a stray alley cat and forcing him to love me in a small apartment for 5 months?

I’m convinced we can further “break” Tom the alley cat.

Til then…Goodnight!



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