Zebras unite.

I’ve always been a sucker for animal faces on the bottom of baby pants.  I gave in and bought some more since she has grown out of most of her 3 month pant sets…BUT CHECK IT: This time, they had a matching zebra to go with the outfit!!!!  EEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!





I know…I know…too early for winter furry boots. BUT they’re a size up so she can wear them in the cold weather! AND…drumroll please….THE MOMMY HAS THE SAME ONES!


We call this move “the puppy”.


She’s actually watching the Bethenny show with me intently. She has good taste. And knows when to break out her birthday suit.

Enough of all this cuteness…WHAT THE FUDGE IS UP WITH THIS GARBAGE!????



This means no more teen mom tuesdays.

No more Tosh.O.

No more Southern Nights.

No more big redneck vacation.

No more Snookie and Jwow.

I don’t know who to come at with this, but when I find out, I will be at your doorstep angrily waving my finger in front of your face.  Then I’ll smack you on the nose with a newspaper and yell “did you do this????  did you???  NO!!!”  :::smack:::

What’s even worse is viacom and direct TV are going HAM on the twitter like a couple of teenage girls picking at each other.

This better be resolved by teen mom tuesday.

Hope you still have your channels!!


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