The best gremlin in the world.

Somedays are super heart warming. Last night and tonight my time with harper was definitely something I wouldn’t trade for 5 million bucks!

She has started to make the GREMLIN face over and over alllllll day. Never. Gets. Old.

See for yourself:

I’ve also found out a key trick to getting her to cuddle with me and be calm. I just grab her sippy cup and prop her up under my arm and let her just drink a little and play a lot with it. She stays content and cuddly the whole time!

And compared to last weeks MOOD:


This weeks mood is amaze balls.



Dude, who spiked the punch?



How she looks at me!


kisses for The Mommy

We just realized today, that she is a pro at stair climbing!  She climbed up our ENTIRE stair case!  She huffed, she puffed, she made gremlin faces, BUT SHE GOT TO THE TOP where her prize of The Daddy was waiting for her arrival!

Last night I put her to bed and read her a story about a dirty puppy. She seemed to enjoy it, and didn’t make a peep after I put her down. She is getting so good at sleeping when we put her down. She knows crib means sleepy time now, and we love it!

Hope all is well you and yours!



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