My GPS is an a#%hole!!!

Today we woke up bright and early…that’s 7:30 to me. Maybe it’s not early to everyone…but I could honestly use an extra 2 hours.

I think about what we need to do today and can’t really come up with anything at all.

So I pull up my handy dandy app and realize that the Mom’s League of Birmingham were planning a meet up at 10 for Christmas in July! FUN! Of course since we were late RSVPing I knew we wouldn’t be doing any gift giving or receiving, but lets be honest, Harper’s the kind of girl who plays with the boxes toys come in right now. So playing with the wrapping paper sounded GREAT!

I hurry up and get Harper fed, and prepare myself for the outside world, and then jet off in the cube.

ONE HOUR LATER we made it to our destination. My stupid GPS kept taking me to the wrong address!!! FOR AND HOUR!!!! I was almost on the verge of my first major road related meltdown since last year’s house hunt…when I finally found the park! Luckily there were still kids there!



Don’t you love the tennis shoes?!?!?!?



Now I have a tired, happy, and full baby!



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