More so than normal, I’ve been so sleep deprived!  I feel like the last few days something ALWAYS happens to keep me away from my much needed 6-7 hour stretch of uninterrupted sleep!  

At 3am Sunday, Harper decided to wake up screaming.  I woke up to realize that John hadn’t gotten home from his class reunion yet and panicked a little wondering if everything was okay.  It was, but I was still wide awake from my momentary freak out.

On Monday at 4am, she wakes up AGAIN!!!!  I tell john to ignore it, I went and gave her a pacifier and let her cry a little thinking she would go back to sleep.  I was so wrong.  She cried for approximately an hour.  I did this because our doctor recommended being stricter with our sleep training.  Whatever, that DR isn’t in my bed at 4am, she would’ve given Harper a bottle probably!   

Last night I was pretty certain it was MY night to sleep.  I was sure I’d wake up refreshed and new.  God had other plans.  Around 230am, John and I both wake up to a TERRIBLE storm.  I’ve never been in a lightening and thunder storm that looked and sounded THIS bad.  It looked like someone had set up 100 strobe lights outside our house.  And the sound…it was SO loud…the windows shook!!!  It scared me.  I always flash back to the storms of April.  Waking up on a 3rd floor of an apartment building STUCK at 5am, PREGNANT, and realizing that I was probably about to get hit by a tornado.  I remember calling John hysterically crying while loading up my cat and great dane into the tub.  But what would that matter??!!? I’m on the 3rd freakin floor.  I’ll be gone if the storm is big enough!  Luckily I wasn’t hit.  Lots were.  

Last night, I resisted the urge to wake harper up at first because I checked in on her to see her soundly sleeping.  Then, John went downstairs to make sure the animals were all up and okay…that’s about when I started to panic.  I guess it was being alone upstairs.  I couldn’t grab Harper fast enough and hobble down the stairs!!!!  We stayed down there for a few minutes after checking our phones for tornados, and after I had messaged half of our neighborhood in hope that they would come rescue us if we got hit I guess!!!  😉  Of course they would, we have great neighbors.  After realizing it was just a severe lightening storm we all went back upstairs and tried to sleep.   Actually, it seemed like everyone except me went back to sleep.  After an hour, I felt myself drift back off into sleepy town…THEN THE STORM STARTED AGAIN!!!  Geez.  Can a girl get some ZZZZZs?  

I’m glad Harper slept in until 10 today.  That hasn’t happened since she was 2 months old.  

I suspect it was because this morning was so DARK, she thought it was still night!  That’s greatness.  I might invest in some black blinds for her room.


Hope everyone avoided danger last night!!!



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