Things you may have missed

So I just realized if you only come here from other sites you may have missed a few of my posts because they were created on much earlier dates since I wasn’t ready to release them at that point.  If you want to check them out I updated these:

Happy blogging!



I want these to be a few of my favorite things…

I’m up to my old tricks again.  Scouring the internet for new and different baby items.  So far I NEED these:

1. A Mexican bola necklace










2.  Baby Moses bassinet basket

















3. 280 days to pop calendar





















4. Pretty nursing pads















5.  A few maternity hospital gowns (I promise I’ll wear them this time!!!)


















6.   I need a rental company to let me borrow one of these for the next 7 months







7.  A fetal doppler

8. A vintage love seat to nurse on in baby’s room!








9.  A jean maternity jacket for everyday use!











10. All the winter pajamas I can handle!!!

There you have it.  My needs.



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The pits

I’m starting to realize what is happening to me once again… Partum depression.  Yuck.  It makes me cringe to even type it.  You’ll probably never hear me speak it.

I should be super happy, but I’m really not.  I can’t pin point why I’m not, either.  All I know, is that the smallest things send me over the edge into a very sad state.

The most frustrating part about it is the lack of help and understanding from of others so far.

This is the boat I find myself in right now:

1. No local doctors have any openings until late October.  Even though I call them and tell them my pregnancy depression situation.  That is almost enough to make me walk into the appointment resenting the doctor.

2.  John doesn’t really understand why I act the way I do, or why I get sent over the edge over seemingly meaningless things.  Of course, they’re not meaningless to me.

I don’t like being in the boat.

While being a mother, and in “the boat” I automatically shut everyone out thinking about these questions:

If I tell people about the way I feel, will they think I am being a bad mother to Harper?

AM I being a bad mother if I am sad while I take care of Harper?

If I don’t feel close to my unborn baby, will I ever?

If I tell people I don’t feel close to this pregnancy, will they think less of me?

If people know, will they treat me like they feel sorry for me?

Will people think I am strange if I tell them about my extreme anxieties during pregnancy?

Will people think I will have a jacked up baby if I have to take medicine during pregnancy to treat depression or anxiety?

I can only assume that anytime people are afraid of what others think, that is the primary reason for keeping things to themselves.

I guess I am saying these things, only to put them out there.  To let others know HOW I feel, not really WHY I feel that way, or what they can do to help. To let people who want to judge, judge…and to let others dealing with a similar situation know that they’re not alone.

I know it will go away.  100%.  I know this because I’ve already lived it once.  I do consider myself lucky that the feeling lifted itself the very moment Harper was born.  It really was as if God had taken away ALL of those bad feelings as soon as she entered the world.

I guess until I am able to speak with my doctor, I just have to power through this the best way I can.  I know that once I start to hear baby 2.0 kick, I will feel joy and attachment.  At least I hope so.  Those were some of the very happy moments of my pregnancy with Harper.  I knew she was there, I knew she was okay, and it wasn’t just a picture to look at from the doctor, it was a feeling of life inside of me.  I need that to happen soon.  Since I am at 8 weeks right now, maybe I can expect it in 7-10 weeks.  Until then, I may be using the blog as my prenatal release.  Do enjoy!  Even the bad posts! 🙂


I posted this and sat on it privately for about a week. I’ve looked at it fifty times (not for any kind of poor grammar, but to agonize over what I was exposing to others.) I can’t look at it anymore, I just have to send it on it’s way into the universe that is the internet.

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Sandwiches, cream soda, and snobiz.

After a solid week of myself nagging John about the ratio of time spent with his friends, video games, and football, I got a nice date in the park. Jersey Mikes, cream soda, cheesy poofs, and SNOBIZ!!!!! (I also got some pretty roses!)








MOM…it tastes funny!!!


Notice how we had to restrain her arms?? I think if I ever go to the Snobiz alone, I’ll try to swaddle her to provide maximum son cone eating efficiency.

Hope everyone had a good Thursday as well!!

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Look at me now

Look at me now……….look at me now……  I’m makin’ PUMPKINS!!!!!


TOP: 2 weeks ago BOTTOM: current.






This is exciting.  Make it rain, God!!!!!!



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I am a bacon eating procrastinator.

It should be of no surprise to find out I love bacon. LOVE BACON. Here is what I created after scouring the internet for bacon popsicle recipes. Of course I was a little lazy and just used a popsicle I had at the house. It served its purpose.

I am investigating other forms of bacon art.  I’ve even convinced John to throw a bacon themed football party, in which everyone attending will bring a dish made with bacon in it.  Do other people like bacon this much?  I’m sure there are a few.

Moving along…I forgot to document our weeks latest adventures!  On Monday, after a little work and a little play, I brought Miss Snuggles home.  Usually she won’t be this calm and snuggly…I don’t question that.  I just take whatever she has to give.  She decided to do this with me for about 5 minutes.  It was lovely.


Once The Daddy got home, I set Harper up in front of the TV in the Bumbo…she kept making this face:




Yea, that’s my leg to the right of her. She is gripping it with everything she has…I think it’s a tactic to keep me from escaping.



Next week, I am on a mission to find a cheap copy of Monster’s, Inc.  Just to prepare for next years big release of Monsters inc 2!!!!

I have been searching near and far for a BOO costume that Harper can wear on Halloween this year…but I’m so disappointed.  Every one I find is for a size 4/5 or higher, not to mention UBER expensive!!!   I’m almost ready to give in and start making one myself.

Hope you had a good monday!  (Yea, I realize today is Thursday-sue me.)

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I wish I knew what week it was…

In accordance with my calculations, this should be week week 5-6…….BUT I wish I knew for sure!!!!  I guess we’ll find out in 2 weeks.  That’s entirely too long, but it’s the only time they could get me in at my dr.  I can only assume this means she is awesome.

After my earlier brush with nausea, I feel better on a pretty regular basis.  Of course, I phoned my dr the very next am asking for phenergan 2 minutes after the office opened….ya know, just in case.  I’m still super nervous that I will be worshiping the porcelain gods on a daily basis.  At least I’m stocked up vomit meds in advance.

Things related to pregnancy this week:

  1. Being a little green.
  2. Eating bacon covered popsicles..20120809-223102.jpg
  3. Weepiness.
  4. EXTREME dry mouth…….until nausea hits….then I’m stuck with that “always watering” mouth that makes ya even more sick!!  Yuck.
  5. Peeing every 10 minutes…with urgency.
  6. Fatigue.
  7. I can’t stop googling “baby things”…….I recently discovered that Restoration Hardware carries baby stuff.  I want it all.  But we would live in a box.  Must…..Hold…Back………..  CLICK!!!!!

Things unrelated to pregnancy:

  1. I’m pale.  As a ghost.  I can’t blame this on pregnancy, because I hid from the sun all summer with no excuse.  Good thing I still have fake tanner left from Harper’s pregnancy!!!
  2. My roots are showing.  I’m much to lazy to do it myself, or drive to my best friend stylist in Ga.  I don’t have a problem dying my hair…after all, I made a perfect baby the first time without having roots.  Let’s make it happen again!
  3. My knees hurt.  They’ve hurt for months.  It’s like they are creaky.  Are they old?  The rest of me doesn’t feel THAT old.  I think I have old woman knees.

Things I miss:

  1. Nothing yet?  I have plenty of time to miss things later on.  I should probably focus on how good things are right now, instead.
  2. ERRRR…okay I just thought of something I miss…Tom isn’t so ready to sleep on my stomach.  And his big.  How will I ever get the kitty/baby bump combo pics whilst trying to work with an unfocused panther as my subject???  Tom, just give up, I’m still bigger than you.

It’ll be nice when I can make these public.  Until then, I have plenty of time to add or delete stuff for the posts!!!


Here I am knocking on the week five’s door, walking in, and realizing I must immediately run to the porcelain god, that I soon bend in half and start to worship. Ughh… I really had been telling myself “THIS time it’s not going to get that bad”…I really hope what just happened was a random event. If not, it’s a precursor to a LONG pregnancy. I hope it’s not that. REALLY hope it’s not.

I guess I should post a little more about my fifth week while I’m on here.

The baby: The size of a sesame seed. Preparing to form the chambers of the heart so that thing can get to jumping around!

The Mommy: Tired and randomly nauseated (only once to the point of actual vomit.). It’s not bad yet…I could deal with it staying where it is right now and not intensifying. Green is not my best color.

The Daddy: Already tired of hearing how The Mommy feels. The Mommy will keep it to herself best she can now.

The belly: Nothin’ yet!! I hear that second time mommies start to pop out around 12-18 weeks! That’s not too terribly far away. So be on the lookout!!

Much love,

Zoo weekend

This Friday night we excitedly awaited the arrival of my Aunt Linda and Uncle David for dinner.  OF COURSE I was at publix when they got to the house because I forgot sour cream.   And lets be real, I don’t eat a potato without the stuff.

I came in to find a happy baby and a mountain of mostly hand made gifts!!  After our runway model was done strutting her stuff, we ate our filet and potato and then went upstairs for bath time!  Harper always loves bathies…I can only recall one that she didn’t like.  (Excluding her first 2 weeks of life when she hated water all together.)

After everyone was sent to bed I stayed up and my mind wandered all over the internet.  So, the next morning I was up at 9am with 5-6 hours of sleep getting amped up for the ZOO!!!!!!

I’m keeping my eye on you Uncle David!!

Wearing her matching flamingo outfit from Auntie Linda

This was much more interesting than any animal to her.

















































































































































































































































































We had a lot of fun and were sad to send Linda and David off to their next adventure!

Sorry the post is all jumbled together, I’m having some problems with this publication for some reason.

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There’s a reason…

That initially, I didn’t announce to the whole world I was going back to school.  

Because you don’t want to tell everyone when you’ve made a D.

I made a D. 

And NOW since I’ve told everyone, I expect all sorts of “hows school” queries rolling my way.  

How do I respond?

I guess I just say I made a D, now leave me alone to sulk.

I should’ve applied myself more.  I should’ve left the house more to study completely alone.  I shouldn’t have taken a Summer 9 week course, because they are HARD.  It sucks, but it is what it is.  

Maybe next time I’ll do better…until then, I’ll just feel like a total failure and pout for a while.