Zoo weekend

This Friday night we excitedly awaited the arrival of my Aunt Linda and Uncle David for dinner.  OF COURSE I was at publix when they got to the house because I forgot sour cream.   And lets be real, I don’t eat a potato without the stuff.

I came in to find a happy baby and a mountain of mostly hand made gifts!!  After our runway model was done strutting her stuff, we ate our filet and potato and then went upstairs for bath time!  Harper always loves bathies…I can only recall one that she didn’t like.  (Excluding her first 2 weeks of life when she hated water all together.)

After everyone was sent to bed I stayed up and my mind wandered all over the internet.  So, the next morning I was up at 9am with 5-6 hours of sleep getting amped up for the ZOO!!!!!!

I’m keeping my eye on you Uncle David!!

Wearing her matching flamingo outfit from Auntie Linda

This was much more interesting than any animal to her.

















































































































































































































































































We had a lot of fun and were sad to send Linda and David off to their next adventure!

Sorry the post is all jumbled together, I’m having some problems with this publication for some reason.

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