I am a bacon eating procrastinator.

It should be of no surprise to find out I love bacon. LOVE BACON. Here is what I created after scouring the internet for bacon popsicle recipes. Of course I was a little lazy and just used a popsicle I had at the house. It served its purpose.

I am investigating other forms of bacon art.  I’ve even convinced John to throw a bacon themed football party, in which everyone attending will bring a dish made with bacon in it.  Do other people like bacon this much?  I’m sure there are a few.

Moving along…I forgot to document our weeks latest adventures!  On Monday, after a little work and a little play, I brought Miss Snuggles home.  Usually she won’t be this calm and snuggly…I don’t question that.  I just take whatever she has to give.  She decided to do this with me for about 5 minutes.  It was lovely.


Once The Daddy got home, I set Harper up in front of the TV in the Bumbo…she kept making this face:




Yea, that’s my leg to the right of her. She is gripping it with everything she has…I think it’s a tactic to keep me from escaping.



Next week, I am on a mission to find a cheap copy of Monster’s, Inc.  Just to prepare for next years big release of Monsters inc 2!!!!

I have been searching near and far for a BOO costume that Harper can wear on Halloween this year…but I’m so disappointed.  Every one I find is for a size 4/5 or higher, not to mention UBER expensive!!!   I’m almost ready to give in and start making one myself.

Hope you had a good monday!  (Yea, I realize today is Thursday-sue me.)

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