I wish I knew what week it was…

In accordance with my calculations, this should be week week 5-6…….BUT I wish I knew for sure!!!!  I guess we’ll find out in 2 weeks.  That’s entirely too long, but it’s the only time they could get me in at my dr.  I can only assume this means she is awesome.

After my earlier brush with nausea, I feel better on a pretty regular basis.  Of course, I phoned my dr the very next am asking for phenergan 2 minutes after the office opened….ya know, just in case.  I’m still super nervous that I will be worshiping the porcelain gods on a daily basis.  At least I’m stocked up vomit meds in advance.

Things related to pregnancy this week:

  1. Being a little green.
  2. Eating bacon covered popsicles..20120809-223102.jpg
  3. Weepiness.
  4. EXTREME dry mouth…….until nausea hits….then I’m stuck with that “always watering” mouth that makes ya even more sick!!  Yuck.
  5. Peeing every 10 minutes…with urgency.
  6. Fatigue.
  7. I can’t stop googling “baby things”…….I recently discovered that Restoration Hardware carries baby stuff.  I want it all.  But we would live in a box.  Must…..Hold…Back………..  CLICK!!!!!

Things unrelated to pregnancy:

  1. I’m pale.  As a ghost.  I can’t blame this on pregnancy, because I hid from the sun all summer with no excuse.  Good thing I still have fake tanner left from Harper’s pregnancy!!!
  2. My roots are showing.  I’m much to lazy to do it myself, or drive to my best friend stylist in Ga.  I don’t have a problem dying my hair…after all, I made a perfect baby the first time without having roots.  Let’s make it happen again!
  3. My knees hurt.  They’ve hurt for months.  It’s like they are creaky.  Are they old?  The rest of me doesn’t feel THAT old.  I think I have old woman knees.

Things I miss:

  1. Nothing yet?  I have plenty of time to miss things later on.  I should probably focus on how good things are right now, instead.
  2. ERRRR…okay I just thought of something I miss…Tom isn’t so ready to sleep on my stomach.  And his big.  How will I ever get the kitty/baby bump combo pics whilst trying to work with an unfocused panther as my subject???  Tom, just give up, I’m still bigger than you.

It’ll be nice when I can make these public.  Until then, I have plenty of time to add or delete stuff for the posts!!!


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