How did we get here?

With a 10 month old baby? Where did that time go? I have pictures of every single day of my daughter’s life. It’s still not enough!!!!

New things for my growing girl:

  • I freaking swear she said “Ki ki ki” in the car with me the other day….after a full day of me pointing to the cat saying “kitty kitty kitty”. Of course she has yet to repeat it.
  • She has a mild severe case of cheese addiction.
  • She is a professional speed walker on the baby walker.
  • She holds her arms out to be picked up every time I reach for her now.
  • She has a hobby that I’m not too fond of…sticking her finger so far in her mouth, that she gags. Yuck.
  • She is more consistent with her wave while telling people bye bye…although it’s usually once they’ve already walked away and don’t see it!
  • She has attached to “fake tom” like he is her one true love. He’s a raccoon I scored at Carter’s, and I’m thinking I better stock up on a few more in case we ever lose or ruin him. He is crusty a lot.
  • She has started to eat more of what we eat at the table, as long as it’s soft enough.
  • She got her FIRST TOOTH the past day or two unknown to myself and John!

And that thing is freaking SHARP!!!!

This brings me to my next thought………..

HOW THE HECK TO WOMEN BREAST FEED AFTER THE BABY GETS TEETH!????? Don’t get me wrong, I think people who breastfeed for the entire first year are amazing, incredible ladies. But I’m pretty sure that if she had more of those little fangs, and I was breastfeeding, I would be searching the carpet floor for my nipple. Or even worse, we would be digging it out of the hoover. God bless you women with boobs of steel!

Since I took some of the cutest pictures in America last week, I may as well throw her cuteness your way:

I kick myself, because when I zoom in enough, I can see the tooth a TINY bit! She was fussy that day, but I attributed it to her 2 shots!

Hope all is well with everyone else out there!


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Here it comes!

That stinkin’ pregnancy anxiety!!!

Does anyone else get this?

The overwhelming fear that someone can get into my house and “get” me.

Or that something is wrong with John doesn’t pick up his phone…

The looming anxiety of “what will go wrong THIS weekend”…

I’m afraid of the dark.

I’m check every single lock in the house when I’m left alone in it.

When I try to nap, I always have a nightmare and wake up paranoid that it really happened, or am just frazzled by the realness of the dream!

I guess I need to just be thankful that it isn’t as bad as my pregnancy with Harper. MUCH worse then, I think because I lived alone for 6-7 months of my pregnancy in a shady apartment and sometimes never knew if John had made it home or to work okay without being psycho.

This too shall pass……but hopefully it won’t take 6 months to go away.

Here’s one good thing that happened recently: I shaved my legs thanks to reading my friend’s post over at ExpectingTwo !! 🙂

The pregnancy fog

This happened last time.  My brain was covered in a thick fog after I hit the 8 week mark.  Here it is again.

I keep trying to figure out what EXACTLY puts me in the fog.

When I drive my car, I COMPLETELY check out.  I will drive to destination B, then back to destination A…and not remember a bit of the drive.  Nothing.  It’s gone.

I daydream about what our kids will look like playing together, the perfect wagon for 2 kids, what baby 2.0 will look like, how I am going to work out the c section details, where guests will stay after we occupy our only guest bedroom with a baby, if 2.0 is going to be as good a Harper Mack (Does lightening strike twice?!??), what the new nursery is going to entail……..JUST CONSUMED BY ALL THIS.

Even when I’m at home, if you don’t catch me reading on wordpress, you’ll probably catch me staring into space.  I do it even in front of the TV…just leave my body and wonder around in my brain while staring at the wall behind the tv.

I don’t know if it’s bad?  Is it?  My brain is just everywhere.  Everywhere but WITH me.

I’ve also started the idiot stage.  I’m my own worst enemy now.  Examples:

  1. I shaved my left leg twice last week and never touched my right one.
  2. I dropped a million pound bucket of quarters on my toe.  Even after looking at the bucket and saying to myself “Dang, this thing is going to be the heaviest I’ve ever seen it”.
  3. I spilled water on my new Macbook air.  (I’m now in the grieving/desperation process)
  4. My friends text me and I can’t understand what they heck they meant!  All the time I do this.  My friend Amy had to literally break down every sentence of her text to me so I could actually understand it.
  5. I’ve lost my debit card TWICE.
  6. Knocked 8,000 containers of baby food over in the grocery store.
  7. Forgot to pee………you know just how lethal this is if your a preggo.
  8. Put the ice cream in the fridge.
  9. Zezted my own fingers while lemon zesting.  Where are these unicorns out there in the world that can actually do this?  I’m not one of these magical people.
  10. Fed the baby cat food instead of cheerios.  (JUST KIDDING)

I’m sure the list could go on and on and on and on (now I’m singing the Lamb Chop song).  Baby 2.0 must be stealing a few of my brain cells, or maybe it is just stealing the majority of my blood so that my brain has a lack thereof.  Already giving me a hard time…I hope this isn’t a precursor of what’s to come!!

I’ll be going now…to watch these birds circle my head.

Tell me what suffering from pregnancy fog has done to you!  🙂



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Bump alert

Is it a bump or is it the 87 bottles of water I drink every day? I’m going to go with baby bump, not water bump.

Here is the skinny on the bump this week:

Size of baby: The baby should weigh 5 ounces (the size of a plum), and the uterus almost a 1/2 of a lb. I think that small amount of weight is straining my back


Weight gain: Still at 6 lbs from my last binge of nigh time eating I suppose.

Gender: We will find out in a month!

Movement: None yet.

Sleep: Meh… I always wake up at a random early am time (4-5) and have to get up to pee. That’s irritating.

what I miss: I miss being able to sneeze without the worry of giving myself a golden shower.

Cravings: A starbucks breakfast sandwich, beefaroni, gummy bears, and sugar cookies.

Symptoms: I have an angry mouth. Examples: My tongue is always dryer than the desert, my gums are bright red and bleed when I brush, random nausea spells. Gum secretion at night that makes me taste what appears to be cow butt every single morning. YUCK.

Best moment this week: Seeing that a few of my pumpkins survived in the patch.

Worst moment this week: Spilling freaking water on my 3 month old mac air. AND being forced to hold Harper’s limbs down while her doctor drew 4 vials of blood, in addition to 2 shots. :*(

There ya go…that’s all I have for now.

Hope your last few days weren’t as bad as mine! 🙂




Wishful thinking?

I was under the impression that the first trimester ends after you’re 12 weeks. Like: If I am 12 weeks and 2 days, I should be in the second trimester. Apparently that’s not right and you aren’t there until you’ve started day 1 of week 13. Am I crazy? Yes. But that’s no excuse for getting my trimesters mixed up is it? 🙂

A completely fulfilling discovery was found a couple weeks ago. I realized that I never reach out to any of my fellow bloggers or readers. Now that I have made a BIG effort to do that, people are coming right back at me and reaching out to me as well.   I just love it. I get at least 5 messages from my “reach out crew” on here every day and I just get so exited when I find another preggo or daddy blogger that would like to talk to me, ask me questions, or just tell me “hey, you’re awesome”. Who wouldn’t LOVE that. A couple of weeks ago my therapist (yea I have one, Betheny was my motivation) asked me what I like to do for hobbies. Anyone ever been asked this and as soon as they open their mouth to answer, the hobbies seem really lame? That’s me. I’m lame.

My Hobbies:

  1. Writing on wordpress. (I hope it counts even though I’m not a “good” writer.
  2. Petting cats.  (WHAT???)
  3. Painting.  (Does that even count since I haven’t painted in a year?)
  4. Shopping.
  5. Cruising costco.
  6. Making jewelry.

Cool hobbies I wish I could list for myself:

  1. Flying my private plane.
  2. Planting flowers.
  3. Yoga.
  4. Snowboarding.
  5. Fishing.

Okay…so two of those I could realistically add to my list later.  I still need to plant fall flowers AND return back to Pure Barre birmingham to finish out my month that I abandoned due to being nauseated.  Small steps…maybe add sky diving when I’m 40.
As a matter of fact, I think I will go sign up for my next Pure Barre class this coming week.  I want to be one of their “Pure Bumps”!


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tinkle tinkle is a little far

How to survive a dinner meeting without telling them you’re pregnant:

  1. Don’t eat.
  2. Don’t drink anything at all.
  3. Take gas X before your meeting.
  4. Pop about 9 tums.
  5. Wear a panty liner, in case you sneeze.
  6. Have a constant supply of mints or chewing gum.
  7. Take a zophran before.

I went to a meeting with a few fancy ladies and did not follow any of these rules.  I felt like I had to hold every bodily function available to me for 2 hours straight.  LUCKILY I had told the ladies I was a preggo, so when I had a little upper gastric issue, they ignored it because they’d all been there.  But I still felt the need to hold all others because to get up and leave to take care of myself I would have to interrupt a very deep conversation at the meeting…so I held it….and held it….and held it….until I felt the dreaded sneeze sneaking up on me.  It was time.  I had to escape.  I position myself to get up…and I feel the worst pain everrrrrrrrrrr!!!  If you hold everything in, you’re body WILL punish you.  It felt like a braxton hicks contraction.  I knew that could happen if I didn’t tinkle often enough!!!  This was the point where I started to worry that I couldn’t stand up without help bc it hurt so bad.  What do you tell people at this point?  If I tell them I’m in THAT much pain they’ll think something is wrong with my baby or myself…I don’t want to explain “listen I just held my pee too long!”    I scanned the room of women engulfed in this deep discussion wondering who I would ask to help eject me from the couch, with the forewarning that I could pee on them.  Finally someone else went to the potty.  YES!  This was my opportunity to shimmy, shake, rock, and eventually get out of that dang couch and shuffle to the bathroom!  I spent almost the remainder of the meeting in that bathroom.  Deep breathing.  Wondering when the waterfall would end.


Next time, I’ll grab a seat next to the restroom!!!


Too many eggs in one basket









I was daydreaming earlier on my car ride home from church group and about how soon, I’ll have 2 sweet children to spend all my holidays with. This prompted me to think about baby 2.0’s arrival. Baby 2.0 is due April 5th. But since I am at an unusual risk for uterine rupture, we plan to schedule a C section a week before the due date. Thats….march 28 ish. March 31 is easter. Harpers first easter!!! 😦

So here are what I believe my options are:


  1. Schedule the C section on march 28 and be in the hospital for Easter.  😦
  2. Schedule the C secton for the monday after Easter, and try not to blind anyone with my ginormous butt during the Great Easter Egg Hunt of 2013.
  3. BEG my doctor to let me deliver at 37 weeks if the baby is a good weight.  This is ideal to me.  Come on doc!  Make it happen for mama!


Even if we do it a week early, I will be hobbling around trying to find eggs….but then I can spend Easter with all my babies!  🙂  and somewhat participate!


Any thoughts are welcome!!





The incident

She woke up being so happy and cute…I had no idea what I was about to find!


I go to change Harper into some daytime outfit and see a freakin flea on her back. We officially have a flea problem. WHICH MEANS I’M FREAKING OUT!!!! They mustve bit her ALL last night while we slept not knowing it! GUILT.
After panic ensues, I go buy the most expensive bug bombs I can find and come home to start operation: Get the F away from me and my baby! I am hoping for the best, and maybe I won’t see a single flea after this.


She got to sleep in the room with The Mommy while all the other rooms were being made to look like a war zone. Not her best nap, but hey, I’ll take it.




IF SO…YOU’RE ABOUT TO BE SUPER JEALOUS. We totally have this thing on the way to our house!!!! IT’S SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE!!!!20120917-234513.jpg

I hope your last few days weren’t like mine and that you definitely have less flea encounters as i did!



If you have a 8 month old you should get one of these…


I wish I’d gotten it sooner because she has been walking from furniture to furniture for a pretty long time!

If you get one, your kid may hate it the first week.  It’s scary.  But keep trying and they may just end up loving it like  mine!


Happy walking!


Things we did

Lately our days have been filled with mood swings.  From everyone.  So today after feeling guilty from having Harper in her crib for what seemed like a ridiculously long time, trying to use the advice to let babies cry when they are trying to refuse their nap, I wanted to make sure when she woke up, she could have a little fun time.



















So we decided to do a little dog watching:






























To try some fun finger friendly foods:






























Yeah…those are strawberries. If you REALLY know me, you know I’m absolutely obsessed with keeping Harper away from things that I think will cause allergies later on. This includes strawberries. The reason being: At my previous job, a coworker told me a horror story of her sons allergies to strawberries. The guy has to have an epi pen in case he is exposed to them. She told me she gave him lots of strawberries before the age of 1. I’ll never forget the stories she told me of his throat closing! SCARY STUFF. But somehow…some way…today I completely forgot my own rule of no strawberries. Mommy brain? Pregnancy brain? Who knows…I think I’ll still keep her away from strawberries until she’s a year old just in case…unless I have another brain fart. Next thing ya know, I’ll be giving the kid a bowl of cat food. I feel nutty.


On to be on the lookout for The Daddy:





















When I was pregnant I always let John know certain things I wanted Harper to do as tradition. One of those things was having her waiting at the door waiting on him when he got home from work because I did that with my Daddy. I’ve been weary of our downstairs mixed with a crawling curious baby for a LONG time. I sweep and mop once a week and I get to see everything that is on that floor. Those things are things that will be shoved in my kids mouth if she sees them. It freaks me out. One of my pet peeves is someone saying to me “you’re never going to build her an immune system” or “you can’t protect her from everything”. I can do whatever the heck I want with my kid. I can be overly cautious sometimes if I dang well please. I know she’s not going to get salmonella from our hardwoods, but just let me work at my own pace. I’ll start let her do more things when I feel like it.

In other news: I have decided to stop attempting to sew. Reason being…today I found a sewing needle in the baby’s rooms’ carpet!!!!!!!!! Upon later inspection, I realized the baby had two tiny prick marks on her. CAN WE SAY GUILT????? I can just see her shoving it in her eye. What else have I dropped in the house?!??!? She can find ANYTHING! I’m making vacuuming twice a week a priority now.

I hope you did some happy things this afternoon! 🙂

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We got skills.

I really like lists.  So I made a few.


Newest motherly skills I’ve obtained:

  • I can change a diaper in about 5 seconds flat.  It’s no joke.  I’ve had several people say WOW…that was fast!!
  • I can also change a poop cloth diaper without making a mess.  These diapers scare EVERYONE I know.  Not me.
  • I know how to fashion a baby blanket into a nose covering turban for those really rough smelling jobs.
  • I can open a “lift and unlock” baby gate whilst holding: sweet baby jesus, 1 drink, a purse, and a hot pocket.    If you have encountered one of these fancy gates, you know what a task it is to get into or out of one without considering you should just scale over it.
  • I can pour out exactly 6 ounces into a bottle WITHOUT using the ounce markers on the side of the bottle.
  • I can feed Harper baby food without using a bib.  I’m about 80% successful with this, so you don’t HAVE to count it.
  • Super sonic hearing.  90% of the time, I hear the sounds she makes and can picture exactly what she’s doing.


  1. She’s in the crib.  I hear “THUD”  I know she was standing up and fell over(inside the crib, not onto the floor)  to hit her head on the rail.
  2. In the mornings I hear “clack clack clack clack clack clack”…I know she is holding her pacifier in her hand and raking it across her crib rails.  Yeah, like a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay.
  3. I hear “BAHBAH BAH BAH BAH BAH”….I know she is pressing her face against the crib over and over again while exhaling.
  4. I hear “splish splash”………This means I’ve left the toilet seat open


Harper’s skill list:

  • She can open our electrical socket covers with one hand.
  • She possesses the innate ability to find a spec of ANYTHING, even after I use that fancy robot thing (the vacuum) to suck up what I thought was everything in the floor.
  • If she gets bored in her crib, she will turn on her little light up fish tank and play.
  • She knows how to turn the TV volume up to 100.  We usually keep it at 20.
  • She can water board herself in the tub.
  • She can completely reset every apple product we own.
  • Reverse the effects hair plugs.
  • She can safely dismount the ottoman.  SEE:


Ways I think she could make a living at 9 months doing:

  • Baby proofing expecting parents’ homes.
  • Modeling, of course.
  • Going door to door as a singing telegram.
  • Prepare expecting parents’ animals by beating them, chewing on their ears, and pulling their fur out.
  • Clean floors.   (duct tape a wet wash cloth on her, and she could mop that sucker too.)
  • She could collect all the hair she pulls from me, and sell to the chinese lady that owns the hair kiosk at every mall in the united states.

Hope you like listing as well.




Roll call!!

New Zealand!!!


United Kingdom!!!

and Austria!!!


Please let me know if you are a reader not from the USA!  I need someone to confirm these hits are real, they happen every single day, leading me to believe I may be known worldwide!  🙂  Comment me, message me, whatever ya gotta do to let me know you’re really out there!!!




This… greatness.


It’s not everyday that I read a blog post that just absolutely has me rolling!!!  This is share-worthy.  Good work fit mama!!!!!

hope everyone enjoys!


If you really knew me…

If you really knew me

You’d know I hate  moths.

You’d know I miss the friendships I left in Chattanooga.

You’d know I feel the most like myself when I am working in healthcare.

You’d know that being a Mom has given me more patience.

You’d know my whole world stops when I daydream about our future children.

You’d know that on hard days I cry in the shower.


If you really knew me 

You’d know sometimes I dream of being a nurse.

You’d know I have a hard time telling people that I have panic attacks in the bathroom when I get overwhelmed.

You’d know It makes my day when someone goes out of their way to help me.

You’d know I can always find room in my stomach for  water.

You’d know that I believe in wishing on the first star I see.

You’d know sometimes I feel like  I’m a bad wife.

You’d know I cook certain dishes to remember certain people or times in my life.


If you really knew me..

You’d know I don’t like anything that goes in a salad.  Especially lettuce.

You’d know that having people over stresses me out.

You’d know I’m full of thoughtfulness.

You’d know I have a stack of books that I have read cover to cover, and keep as trophies.

You’d know I put way to much sour cream on EVERYTHING.

You’d know my heart melts when I see a fluffy kitten.



If you really knew me, you’d know…


You’d know that nap time is the highlight of my day.

You’d know that I collect tervis tumblers and beads.

You’d know I love watching Teen Mom and 16 & pregnant every Tuesday.

You’d know I try to see how long I can go without washing my hair.

I desperately want to be a good mother.

I am afraid of losing any member of my family.


If you really knew me, you’d know…
Just now I am figuring out cloth diapering.

I have a hard time with antepartum depression.

I am starting to become comfortable with the idea that I will watch Despicable me every day for the next 2 years.

I am terrified of falling down the stairs while holding the baby.

I have scoliosis.


If you really knew me, you’d know…


I cry when I hear “to make you feel my love” play on the radio.

I blame myself for not being able to last longer with breastfeeding Harper.

My family back home is very quiet and shy.

I still sleep with my blankie.

I feel guilty that I accepted so much help from my parents in my early twenties.

I guard my deepest feelings from anyone who poses a threat.  Which is nearly everyone.


If you really knew me, you’d know that…


It takes a really long time to gain my total trust, and it can be lost in the blink of an eye.

I cry when I see other people cry.

I love to sing and dance during church.

I eat a lot of fried fish sticks with home made tartar sauce.

I am petrified by heights.

You’d know my favorite food is Nanny’s green beans.

You’d know my favorite time is spent sleeping with Harper.

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Love ,






Holy Mary mother of Jesus…

My kid thew up 2.5 jars of baby food at lunch today.

That is 8.5 ounces.

That’s a little over ONE CUP.

2 of the jars of vomit hit the freshly cleaned carpet in a giant green splatter.

The other remaining half a container of vomit went all. over. my. arm.

In my head repeating itself over and over was this phrase “do NOT throw up on your baby.”

I can see it now. One day I let my kid roll of the side of my bed, and the next, I throw up all over her.

Next thing ya know, I’ll end up on Dr. Phil.

Oh yea…I’m posting a picture of it, just so you guys can gag along with me.


The almost 11 week post

…I know……..who posts on that?  It’s not a MAJOR mile marker.  But I’m bored after scrubbing our bathroom floor with bleach so I would like to treat myself with some web therapy.

I am exactly 1 week and and 2 days close to being at the end of the first trimester!!!  The times are coming where everyone can tell me “oh great you’re out of the first trimester, you’ll feel great!!”  I know better than to believe that.  They’re all liars.  Yea, I said it.  LIARS!!!:)

So here’s what’s going on:

How far along?

10 weeks 5 days (practically 11 weeks)


Size of baby?

Size of a golf ball.


Weight Gain?

6 lbs.  I gained that at week 4 and it’s stayed there since then.  Not sure how.


What I miss:

The absence of back pain.  That all went away in my third trimester with Harper…it’s all coming back to me now….



Last week it was peach yogurt.  This week, I have wanted:  oatmeal with apples in it, Koolaid, captain D’s, chick fila ice cream cones, eggs over easy…I’m sure there are more I can’t think of.  I haven’t been AS drawn to pizza hut or my normal ice cream combo like last time.



Nausea- no more vomiting this week.  YAY

Back pain

Hip pain

Worse knee pain



Best moment this week:

Buying the books for my small group at church.  I got excited to read about the things we are going to work on during the meetings!

I also made a 100 on my first anatomy quiz.


Worst moment this week:

Not being able to get a much needed pedicure because of an injured toe.

ROUND LIGAMENT PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!  omg wtf fml


Excited for:

My 12 week appointment in a little over a week.


Pumpkin spice frappacinos at Starbucks


Alright, that’s it.  Glad i could release some boredom onto you.


Hope you’re having a good week!!!




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A few words for the weekend

We John and Harper woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to watch the early Auburn game. I’m not even sure that she saw any of it…but she just really looks so cute in that outfit!



Some things happened…then at bed time, we had bathies. The girl really is rich in toys. RICH!!




The evening was rounded out by a good ole fashioned knob twirling. The girl is after my own heart. She loves knobs. Those are a set of my favorite pair too. eh what am I saying? I like all the knobs in my collection!



NEW Things from this week:

– I have figured out the TRICK to successfully feeding Harper. If you’ve read the blog, you know I’ve been having issues terrible baby drama associated with food. Here’s the play by play: step 1: Turn on “Despicable Me” Step 2: Turn it UP Step 3: get in her line of movie viewing sight with a spoonful of food until she gets frustrated and opens up so that you get out of her way. REPEAT!!!!!!!!! I have had 2 container success with this method every single time. She may be winning this game of puppetry, but she’s eating and that’s all I really wanted.

– I figured out a good finger food for her. Baby mandarins!! Genius!!! The waiter at our latest restaurant outing brought her some. This man has solved one of my life’s greatest mysteries…what finger foods will she eat a lot of, while at the same time still being “good” for her??? I am a little compelled to call this guy at the restaurant and ask him if he knows of any other top secret foods she will love. But that would just be crazy. Wouldn’t it?

In other news… John is missing his dog, Jackson. and I am missing my Tom Theo the first. What’s up with our animals disappearing??

These are 2 possible scenarios:

That Jackson is involved with an underground gang in our community and is just too caught up in all the dollas. After all….the dollas do make ya holla.


You can take the alley out of the Tom, but you cannot take the Tom out of the alley.  I suspect his petty murders have escalated and he needs to hide out for a week to assure our family’s safety.


Sounds legit, right?

Until next time,


The big problem is…

she’s lookin’ a little too “honey boo boo” -esq in this one.

Did I just say that?