If you have a 8 month old you should get one of these…


I wish I’d gotten it sooner because she has been walking from furniture to furniture for a pretty long time!

If you get one, your kid may hate it the first week.  It’s scary.  But keep trying and they may just end up loving it like  mine!


Happy walking!



5 thoughts on “If you have a 8 month old you should get one of these…

    • She is 9 months but I wish I’d bought one a month ago! She’s been pulling to stand since 6 months so I think she might be walking if I had let we practice on this thing for a couple months! 🙂

    • (I meant what she was wearing on the previous post you had) Anyway that is such a neat idea… I can’t imagine my soon-to-be-baby being 8 months though.. seems so far away! I’m only 19 weeks! 🙂

      • you should start getting some of the leggings they’re so dang cute!! 🙂 They even make some for boys!! You may have the benefit of being able to buy them when spring approaches and they’re all on sale so you can use them next winter! My favorite pair are from old navy, but I haven’t seen that they have any out *yet*. Google them at your own risk, because you may go broke once you figure out that you NEED THEM ALL!!! The awesome thing about leggings is you can change the baby’s diaper without the hassle of putting pants on and off. This appealed to me most because Harper HATED to be changed into anything at all when she was 1-2 months old…the less we could irritate her, the better!

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