Wishful thinking?

I was under the impression that the first trimester ends after you’re 12 weeks. Like: If I am 12 weeks and 2 days, I should be in the second trimester. Apparently that’s not right and you aren’t there until you’ve started day 1 of week 13. Am I crazy? Yes. But that’s no excuse for getting my trimesters mixed up is it? 🙂

A completely fulfilling discovery was found a couple weeks ago. I realized that I never reach out to any of my fellow bloggers or readers. Now that I have made a BIG effort to do that, people are coming right back at me and reaching out to me as well.   I just love it. I get at least 5 messages from my “reach out crew” on here every day and I just get so exited when I find another preggo or daddy blogger that would like to talk to me, ask me questions, or just tell me “hey, you’re awesome”. Who wouldn’t LOVE that. A couple of weeks ago my therapist (yea I have one, Betheny was my motivation) asked me what I like to do for hobbies. Anyone ever been asked this and as soon as they open their mouth to answer, the hobbies seem really lame? That’s me. I’m lame.

My Hobbies:

  1. Writing on wordpress. (I hope it counts even though I’m not a “good” writer.
  2. Petting cats.  (WHAT???)
  3. Painting.  (Does that even count since I haven’t painted in a year?)
  4. Shopping.
  5. Cruising costco.
  6. Making jewelry.

Cool hobbies I wish I could list for myself:

  1. Flying my private plane.
  2. Planting flowers.
  3. Yoga.
  4. Snowboarding.
  5. Fishing.

Okay…so two of those I could realistically add to my list later.  I still need to plant fall flowers AND return back to Pure Barre birmingham to finish out my month that I abandoned due to being nauseated.  Small steps…maybe add sky diving when I’m 40.
As a matter of fact, I think I will go sign up for my next Pure Barre class this coming week.  I want to be one of their “Pure Bumps”!


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7 thoughts on “Wishful thinking?

  1. So glad you reached out too!! I have to admit, since we moved from VA to SC while I was pregnant and went on bed rest iediately after, I have no friends here. How lame is that? Now I at least have someone online!! 🙂

  2. I died when you said petting cats is your hobby. They have pregnancy yoga, I was going to do it this week but its kinda expensive (for me) and I totally missed out on an amazing groupon deal in our area.

  3. Yeah I’d love to be keeping up with my yoga practice, but lately the only pose I’ve been doing is the “ass in the air, head in the toilet” one! I have however become quite the pro at petting cats, my cat is greatly enjoying my decreased mobility. Hopefully that is about to change…. soon!!

    • LOL!!!!!! I got my running into the regimen with the first…I figured out if ya don’t run……..ya don’t always make it to the bathroom to do whatever bodily function the baby gods have chosen for you!!

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