How did we get here?

With a 10 month old baby? Where did that time go? I have pictures of every single day of my daughter’s life. It’s still not enough!!!!

New things for my growing girl:

  • I freaking swear she said “Ki ki ki” in the car with me the other day….after a full day of me pointing to the cat saying “kitty kitty kitty”. Of course she has yet to repeat it.
  • She has a mild severe case of cheese addiction.
  • She is a professional speed walker on the baby walker.
  • She holds her arms out to be picked up every time I reach for her now.
  • She has a hobby that I’m not too fond of…sticking her finger so far in her mouth, that she gags. Yuck.
  • She is more consistent with her wave while telling people bye bye…although it’s usually once they’ve already walked away and don’t see it!
  • She has attached to “fake tom” like he is her one true love. He’s a raccoon I scored at Carter’s, and I’m thinking I better stock up on a few more in case we ever lose or ruin him. He is crusty a lot.
  • She has started to eat more of what we eat at the table, as long as it’s soft enough.
  • She got her FIRST TOOTH the past day or two unknown to myself and John!

And that thing is freaking SHARP!!!!

This brings me to my next thought………..

HOW THE HECK TO WOMEN BREAST FEED AFTER THE BABY GETS TEETH!????? Don’t get me wrong, I think people who breastfeed for the entire first year are amazing, incredible ladies. But I’m pretty sure that if she had more of those little fangs, and I was breastfeeding, I would be searching the carpet floor for my nipple. Or even worse, we would be digging it out of the hoover. God bless you women with boobs of steel!

Since I took some of the cutest pictures in America last week, I may as well throw her cuteness your way:

I kick myself, because when I zoom in enough, I can see the tooth a TINY bit! She was fussy that day, but I attributed it to her 2 shots!

Hope all is well with everyone else out there!


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