New kicks and newborn dreams…

Yesterday afternoon was spend working, explaining to carrabba’s that I needed a “bucket” of pasta to please my pregnancy craving, and at the baby’s r us…WHERE I SCORED THESE:

Another note on those pictures…….I can already hear my future self…. “Harper, if you keep making that face it’s going to stick that way!!!!!” She makes some REALLY crazy faces!!! The “gremlin” is the most common!

Back to the baby’s r us…….that place is a trap. Not only do I have Harper now, I have baby 2.0 to think about!! And then I see my favorite thing in the world….NEWBORN SIZE SLEEPERS. They’re so little. And they have the hand covers……MUST HAVE THEM. Must also keep the receipt since I’m not supposed to be buying gender revealing things when I am not *SURE* what baby 2.0 actually is yet. Sigh. Maybe in a couple of weeks we can confirm our suspicions and reveal it to the entire world! (I get to say that now that I have friends in the UK, Spain, Malaysia, and Australia. ) Big. Deal. 🙂

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