Prep work

I’m not sure when this started.  The seed was planted when I was pumping breast milk because I had to do it every 4 hours (minimum).  There was always an abundance of milk laying around in line to be fed to baby hungry hungry hippo.  I knew to put a time on it and sit it on the counter we usually feed from.  Because if we lost the milk……..we nearly lost our minds.

And so the prep-work continues into formula feeding….

I set out bottles with 6 ounces (free hand poured THANKYOUVERYMUCH) so that we can just dump the pre measured formula into the water:

I set out madela bottles with 3 scoops of formula.  These are different because they are “night time” bottles.  We mix the water in the formula, THEN add about 4 scoops of rice cereal.  They’re done differently because it’s a pain in the rear end to try to pour water into a bottle that already has 4 ounces of the dry stuff in it.  It was a lesson that took a couple months to learn.

Then sprinkle in some baby tylenol and oragel for a teething baby – and we are set up for success.

I really only forget the set up once every 2 weeks.  Because it wakes everyone in the darn house up when I don’t do the prep work.  And I’m the only one who does the full monty, so I’d better do it if  I want my precious night time sleep.  I can refuse to do it all I want……..but then I’m just pulling my hair out when John is running around the house at 4:50 am screaming where is the bottle?!?!?  Where is the formula?!?!  I lost the baby!!!  Just kidding on the last one, she is usually in the crib at 4:50am.

I wish someone had given me a set of instructions on prep work before the baby came, but, how can you start prepping for someone that you’ve never met?  I mean you can prep with clothes, diapers, and all that jazz…but you don’t know what they will eat, how much of it they will want, when they will teeth….so I will follow my basic prep guidelines with baby 2.0, but I’m sure they’ll be a little bit different!

Tell me about your prep-work!  Oh, and vote for me at top baby blogs!  🙂  Just click HERE to submit your vote for our blog!




14 thoughts on “Prep work

  1. Orajel is actually really bad for babies and rice cereal is meant to intorduce babies to solids, not to mix in formula to drink.

    • Thanks for your comment! I always check with our pediatrician before giving Harper anything. They were the ones who suggested both items and exactly how to administer. I realize that with every product on the market, there is always something “bad” about it and you just have to decide what is right for your baby as its mother. People always told me washing detergent is the devil and that my kid would have hives, we use gain and haven’t had a problem since birth! To each his own since every baby is different! 🙂

      • I just googled this, because I was curious why orajel might be bad. Apparently most cases where baby Orajel was harmful to children were caused by parents using more than the recommended dosage. So I’m sure the above comment about it being dangerous wouldn’t apply to you since you’re following you’re doctor’s instructions.

        Here’s the article if your interested:

      • Yea, we usually only use it while she’s awake and with us anyways so I’m okay with it. I read it can make them choke bc they can’t feel their throat, but she’s not done this yet so I think it just may be a case by case basis. There’s almost always a down side to every product on the market…stinks but it’s true! I had someone send me an email once about a post for not always washing new clothes before I put them on her because it would “give her bugs”… it’s always something! 🙂

    • When I forget, and one of us is getting screamed at by an angry baby at 4am……..I’m pretty sure homicide to the other spouse becomes an immediate option. We probably also have about 14 drawers in her room (3 dressers-we r cray) and only REALLY USE one drawer underneath where we keep the bottles. I guess we will export a dresser to baby 2.0’s room since we know we don’t use more than one! I hope your nose is feeling better! Mine is laying in the floor. Just dried up and fell off.

    • It’ll come pretty quickly I promise!!! One tip I have for if you are breastfeeding/pumping any, when you pump into the bottles, write the expiration time (4-6hr after pumping) on the side of the bottle with a sharpie so you or hubby will know when to put it in the fridge! That was a life saver the first 5 months! (I used alcohol pads to just wipe off the magic marker each time I was cleaning the bottles) You can score some of these from your nurse in the hospital- freebies!!!!! If you start to use formula you can steal my system because it works pretty darn well if I do say so myself! 🙂

    • I won’t ever get tired of hearing I have genius ideas……..well because nobody ever tells me that! THANKS!!!! It took me several nights of delirium to come up with a really good system. And if it’s not in place, john stubs his toe 4 different times wandering around in a state of confusion wondering why the bottle prepping fair didn’t pay us a visit! 🙂

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