The Happiest Girl in the World

She is.  It’s true.  I had a REALLY terrible pregnancy, and it WAS a savings account for a great baby (as I suspected)!!!

Watching her FAVORITE movie and dancing every time she sees the minions and little girls!

She’s always been my little gerbil baby, because she will drink from cups and bottles standing up if I hold the bottle, and will refuse to use her hands to help if she doesn’t want to. I told John we needed to put one of these in her cribs and we would be all set










Only kidding. Sort of. It’s funny though. 🙂

But at least she’s shown me that she CAN indeed hold her own sippy cup up and drink while sitting up! This is rather new, she would only drink reclined or laying down by herself.

Anyways…great to release a little happy on ya.



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