Dear Harper

Dear Harper,

If someone told me that you would be the happiest baby in the world on the day that you came into the world…I may not have believed them.  I mean, I knew you’d be MY baby angel….but I didn’t know you’d act like one.  This week you’ve had your moments FITS.  But I know it’s a combination between being sick and teething, nobody feels like being nice when they’re sick.  Even being sick, you were smiling and sweet.  I’m sure anyone who missed seeing your outrageously disgusting vomit spells would never suspect that you were sick.  I hope you’re this way when you are older!  My mom tells me that you are a lot like me, except much more social.  You make friends EVERYWHERE you go.  Everywhere.


These are some things you are doing at 10 months old:

  • You can climb halfway out of your pack n play.  I can only assume this means you will be all the way out in a few months time.
  • You have switched “Mama” to your favorite word again FINALLY.  I had begun to wonder if you were ever going to say it again!
  • You have a favorite movie.  Dispicable Me.  AND MOMMY EVEN BOUGHT YOU THE BIG FLUFFY UNICORN FROM THE MOVIE!  
  • You also have a favorite youtube video.  Twinkle twinkle little star from super simple learning.

You have sprouted your first tooth, and in only a week, I can see it’s making some real progress!!

Last week

This week

Maybe I’m obsessed with it, but I notice the difference from last week and this week!

You can clap your hands! (I would upload a picture of it, if my computer wasn’t being so fussy right now!
You’ve grown so much, I can barely grasp that you will be one year old in just 2 months!!

The Mommy


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