A week in passing

Since I can’t recall posting about our previous week, here’s a little recap. We went to the Pizza Hut buffet. I know…….I need to stop. But look at Harper! She’s having fun! She’s all like “praise Jesus!!!! Pizza!!!!”





Then she fell into a pizza coma with fake Tom on the ride home.





Later that night, we practiced some gymnastics.




Then we redecorated our sink fixtures with a baby.





Then she fell asleep for the night with fake Tom. He is her best friend. He is officially her lovey.


I hope last week was good for everyone else!!


4 thoughts on “A week in passing

    • They don’t like the sink at first lol……at least mine didnt!! She would let me know how much she hated baths for the first month…then she figured out how much fun the REAL bath tub was and now, even if she falls and hits her head she will NOT cry because she thinks it will end bath time. Makes me think she knows more than I give her credit for!

  1. She is toooo precious! I love seeing all the pictures of her. It is awesome to see what my girls will be doing in just a few short months. Thanks for paving the way!

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