18 Weeek Post (almost)

Here we are at 18 weeks already!!!  2 weeks from HALFWAY, people!!!!   That’s crazy. 

The bump:



Here is the skinny on what’s happening:
Size of the baby: He’s about the size of a pear.  Five and 1/2 inches long, and about 7 ounces.  He can move, yawn, and hiccup.  Over the next four weeks, the baby’s size will increase SIX TIMES.  WOW.

Weight gain: 10 lbs.

Gender: Boy!!!!

Movement: I feel him move almost everyday if I take the time to lay down and be still for him. 

Sleep: Terrible!  I go to bed around midnight and wake up like clock work at 4:30 needing to pee!  Then as soon as I fall back asleep, Johns alarm goes off.  The baby is up between 0830-0930.

what I miss: Naps.  My naps are hardly ever successful.

Cravings: Fried pickles, pizza, chocolate pie, pumpkin bread pudding, and orange or apple juice.

Symptoms: The nausea is gone for the most part.  Once a week it will sneak up on me FAST and I will  have to either council myself about not needing to throw up, or if we are past that phase, just go get sick, pout a few minutes, and it’s all over.  Just as quickly as it came.  Strange.  My back and hips have been KILLING ME.  My hips feel like I have been thrown out of a window while sitting Indian style so that when I hit the ground I hit with my hips and but cheeks.  They’re even sore to the touch!

Best moment this week:Getting some cute pictures of our family!  And also getting some time with a friend!

Worst moment this week:The way my hips have felt today.

That’s all folks.


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9 thoughts on “18 Weeek Post (almost)

  1. What an adorable bump! Mine looks like I’m ready to pop at 26 weeks, lol. I feel you on the hip pain. This baby had better be chubby and make up for all of my suffering 😉

  2. The hip pain has hit me too. I can’t sit for very long or it gets worse :-/ and Tylenol don’t help lol I am glad I can finally sleep, I hope you get to have some of that soon. Your belly pictures and other pictures are completely adorable.

    • Hey thank you!! That’s so sweet! No, I haven’t had the displeasure of siatica yet!! I did have issues during my first that would cause my legs to go numb…but it didn’t hurt, it was just sort of an inconvenience when I would try to stand at work to realize my freakin legs didn’t work! Pregnancy is a pain in the ass for real. Good thing the prize is worth any pain ever!!

  3. Oh my gosh I can’t wait for my bump!! You look fantastic! I’m starting to get that back and hip pain you are talking about but I have no idea why since I’m not even big yet lol My theory is it’s my second pregnancy so my body is like, “Oh this again. Ligaments? You know the drill.”

    • Thank you! I never had hip pain until months after Harper was born…I always thought it was so strange since we did C section! But my back pain, that I dealt with for 8 years disappeared after her birth! Like she straightened me up while she was in there…believable since she would kick me and pop my back from the inside! ouch. I hear chiropractors work for hip pain, but they’re not covered by my insurance so I really can’t afford it every week.

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