It’s fall ya’ll…

and I sure do love Fall.

So I will dump all of these pictures on you now.

This is the day I was a redhead.

Oh my gosh……she is going to do this in a real car one day!!! AAAHHH!!!

This week I have added a healthy deadly amount of candy to our household for the millions of trick or treaters I hope to see on Wednesday!! Harper now thinks we are rich. She just gets in the bucket and throws the candy on top of herself like “I’m rich…do you guys see all this!???”

Mom, did you know we are rich?????

Ohhhh maaa gaaad!!!!

I needed to redeem myself after the great red debacle of 2012, so I met up with our friends Adrian and Mackie to take more pictures, this time with my hair back to (sort of) normal.

So I wasn’t looking up, but she’s so cute, when someone says “yay!” she claps her hands!

The girls were the most popular customers of the day!

Pictures were so fun! So glad we met up…I’ve decided we need to meet up more often and take pictures because these were so great!
Hope you’re having a good Halloween weekend!
Oh, and while you’re here, click HERE to vote for us on Top Baby blogs! Thank you in advance!



4 thoughts on “It’s fall ya’ll…

    • Thank you!!! I wish it had taken to ALL of my hair…but it selectively stuck! I guess that’s what I get for trying to pinch some pennies…but then again I guess I would be even more upset if I paid someone to do red, and I just plain didn’t care for it!

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