We do things early around here…

Which explains why we couldn’t wait to give Harper her birthday present.  I say we, because I insisted getting her wagon before Halloween, and John put it together last night while I was asleep, even though I didn’t ask him to!   😉

We think it’s a hit!

Saying hello to the neighbors in her new ride

Daddy, bring me the tiger.

She loves cats.

What? Nobody said I couldn’t have a ride in it too…

Now we are locked and loaded for Halloween!


4 thoughts on “We do things early around here…

    • Thank you!!! She had 3 costumes haha! An owl, a witch (we will have to take post halloween photos of that one just for keepsakes since I was lazy and never put her in it!), and a zebra which she wore tonight to greet our neighborhood! Next year maybe we can narrow it down to one costume…..or not.

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