Serious inquires only.

Available:  A one woman un-maid service.

Do you have a fancy immaculate home?  Are you constantly wishing you had the need to hire a maid?  Do your pets need extra stimulation?  Then call us for the UN- maid.

Here’s what we can do for you:

Unload all your strategically positioned fall decor.


Open National Geographic zines for your cat to read through, you know…because cats usually don’t have opposable thumbs.  (the one  in the picture actually does, he just like the luxury of his un-maid)


Go ahead and lay out your evening reading materials before you even get home.


Violent petting of your pets.










Or she could just bird watch with them for the extra company.







-In any case, we’re the service for you!-

So keep us in mind when you’re house gets a little too lonely to bear.




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3 thoughts on “Serious inquires only.

  1. Most blogs don’t make me laugh out loud like this one! It may because I have a toddler that also enjoys the ‘violent petting’ of our puppies (even if they’re 5 years old), either way it is hilarious and priceless! Keep up the good work!

  2. i have the same issue over here! im the only one that cleans and nothing stays clean more than 1 day! my daughters toys are in every room but the bathrooms. Whats a mother suppose to do! lol

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