Has anyone…

ever been pregnant and had a dream that someone took their baby away from them?  

I was having a rough night a few nights ago, went through an almost sleepless night and had the worst dream ever.  

The only bit I remember of the dream is that I was holding my baby (I’m almost certain, the boy) and a man burst into wherever I was, and told me he was taking my baby from me and proceeded to rip him from my arms.  I don’t remember if he got away or if he even got the baby from me.  I woke up out of breath freaking out, and have been thinking about it every since!  I’ve already got issues about something happening to my baby(ies) as it is, this dream does NOT help me out any!

I’ve found myself obsessing as to whether I can feel baby move the past couple of days and I feel like today I haven’t felt anything.  I’m so glad next week will be our 5 month appointment!

When I lived alone, I would OFTEN have dreams of losing people I loved.  In terrible ways too!  They were the worst nightmares of my life!  But this is probably the worst one during this pregnancy.

I need my brain to sleep at night too, and quit wondering around in other places.





10 thoughts on “Has anyone…

  1. Hi Bell

    It’s Gcroft over from Chronicles of a Cookbookworm. I have had some weird dreams about my little bun in the oven alright. I exchanged stories with a good friend recently, and she dreamt that she had left her baby in a lecture hall, searched high and low and only found him days later, but he was alright. I wonder if the dreams reflect our innermost fears?

    • We are having one. We’ve known it’s been jist once since the ultrasound in April that confirmed the pregnancy. We’ve had five ultrasounds since the first one. Nevertheless, I have a reoccurring dream that two babies are delivered.

  2. New here and thanks for following me. I’m only about 10 weeks as of right now but a few weeks ago I had the craziest dream.. My baby was in the backseat of my car with my older daughter. (it was a baby boy) and it had no clothes on and was just laying there. I felt so bad, there was no car seat, nothing. I woke up feeling like a terrible and unprepared mother to be…

    • They’re so real!! Dreams freak me out!! I always think “what if that’s a warning of what’s going to happen soon???” I’ve been giving everyone looks when I think they’re staring at Harper when we are out now…like “you better not try to take her because I’m pregnant and I will stab you.”

  3. I’m going to tell you this not to frighten you but to prepare you for what’s going to come. The first time I had terrible dreams about people taking away my son or killing him was the first three nights after I gave birth. I had a dream that my estranged grandmother and my brother tried to kill him. I woke up in the hospital sweating profusely and crying. I was so worried I even had my fiance go down to the nursery to make sure he is alright. Then for two weeks after we were home I couldn’t even go more than a half hour without seeing his or my heart would race and I’d get terrible anxiety.

    I’m much better now one month after birth. What was causing all those anxiety/panic attacks and bad dreams were the rush of hormones that speed through your body after birth. They make you feel crazy, weepy, and anxiety ridden. But just know that they are COMPLETELY NORMAL feelings and they WILL pass. My advice is to let someone know how you are feeling now and the dreams you are having. Then after you give birth have that person check on your mental well-being. You’ll need support.

    All the best of wishes to you and your little one. 🙂

    • Whoops! I thought by 5 month appointment you meant 5 month pregnancy appointment. Anyways, my advice still stands for anyone who comes across your blog and reads the comments too. 🙂

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