20 Weeks


No, really. We are. ACTUALLY…..if you factor in that baby 2.0 has been measuring a week bigger at every ultrasound, AND that we will take him a week early if we schedule a c-section, we are OVER half way there.

Size of the baby: He’s about the size of a C cup boob. Or so says the daddy at hisboyscanswim.com . You could also use the bump’s comparison of a banana. Six and 1/2 inches long, and ours in particular is 14 ounces. He has taste buds, is practicing swallowing, and can hear things from the outside! I think he always hears the hum of my laptop because that is when he’s most active. He was also REALLY active (the most I’ve ever felt) when I had a bought of throwing up. He started to squirm…I was like “oh sorry honey, didn’t mean to disturb YOU!!” 😛

Weight gain: 18 lbs. I can’t believe I even typed that. Actually, while I typed that, I was shoving a cookie in my face hole.

Gender: Boy!!!!

Movement: Everyday now. I was very surprised to hear that my placenta is anterior, which usually prevents mommy from feeling things so soon, but not me! I felt him a few weeks ago!

Sleep: I’ve at least stopped waking up EVERY morning at 4:30 to pee. I’ve been waking up to a new problem these days…headaches! Pretty certain it’s my sinuses. Pretty sure it sucks.

what I miss: Feeling like I look good in an outfit. Everything rides up or down, usually my shirt rides up and my pants ride down…you know what that leaves. Crack. And it’s wack.

Cravings: Shepherd’s pie, gingerbread cookies, and popcorn.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, puffy hands when I lay down, the sort of tiredness induced by an alaskan state troopers dart gun, and weepiness. I think that’s why my sinuses are jacked.

Best moment this week:Confirming that our fetus indeed has a penis.

Worst moment this week: Saturday night when I decided to bring a teething baby into our bed.

There you have it!


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6 thoughts on “20 Weeks

  1. Awww we have the same kind of ultrasound pic of our little boy! He will be happy when we share that with him in 15 years! 😉
    I can relate to the sinus pain, have had that too, but to re-assure you, mine was gone within days! You can try to pour some hot water in a bowl with some chamomile buds and breathe in deeply, helps tremendously and is completely natural! 😀

  2. You are so close!!! Well, 20 weeks seems so far away to me that it makes you seem so close 🙂 Pregnancy dreams….yeah, those need to stay off my blog. They are wacky and my husband makes me promise not to tell anyone what happens in my mind when I’m sleeping…hehe. Hope those headaches go away soon!

  3. I’m the worst at figuring out which part is which on the ultrasounds, bad mommy I know. How exciting, congrats on the baby boy!!! Went in a few weeks ago with a specialist and saw our little sea monkey roll over on the ultrasound. Still to soon to know what ours is yet. Exciting times!!!

  4. Yay for a boy! 🙂 Ultrasounds are so exciting. I just have the one baby (girl) and during the ultrasound, the tech said, “Ok, what do you think it is?”, my husband said “boy” and I was looking at it and I just remember saying… “…girl.” and the tech said “why?” and I just remember feeling like an idiot behind my reasoning, but I said “wellllllllll, because I see a black hole there and I think if it were a boy, there wouldn’t be a hole.” lol Eh, I was right, so sounding stupid or not, I was right. 😀

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