Balls deep

Balls.  Christmas balls.  EVERYWHERE!!!!

My estimate on the ball damage:

50 balls on the main tree.

20 balls on the kitchen garland.

30 balls between the 2 small trees in front of our door.

15 GIANT balls on our mailbox garland.

12 balls in my flower arrangement.

15 balls on our wreath.

50 balls to assemble my floating ornament tree attached to the chandelier.


Excessive?  I think not.

Here is my progress on the house so far…I say so far because, isn’t there always potential for MORE!??

Why yes….that IS Channing Tatum on my TV.

There you have it!  TADA!

Now what else should I do?!

Glad you stopped by to see my Christmas psychosis.

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13 thoughts on “Balls deep

  1. 1. Your house is disgustingly clean. It’s not even human! 2. I’m jealous you got to decorate that much! 3. Aren’t you worried it is going to get torn down? Haha. But seriously I’m decorating vicariously through you. I just didn’t have the BALLS to decorate a lot knowing the girls would like it too much!

    • 1. I really just moved the junk out of view of the camera! 🙂 It’s there…just strategically placed….also I cleaned the kitchen JUST for the pictures HAHA! 2. I love decorating!! 3. YES. IN FACT…this morning around 7am I hear “crash!! bang!!! boom!!! tink tink tink!!!!” I go downstairs to see that John has successfully knocked ALL the garland, lights, and balls off the tops of the cabinets I spent an hour working on last night! REALLY!? I’ve found a good way to attach those balls so that they don’t just fall off with a tug… I put 3 balls on a pipe cleaner to make a little bundle that I tie to limbs of the tree…they’re pretty stuck on there! Honestly, had I not bought cheap balls they would’ve stayed on the garland despite John, but my balls fell off the little metal attachers where the hook normally goes. But who can have glass ornaments with babies running around?

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