Well, good morning vomit monster!

It started out good…
Her first birthday!
She slept in late and woke up happy…we diddled around all day and then waited for John to get home so we could head to Chuckie cheese. Even that went well, she wasn’t scared of the giant mouse and loved pressing the buttons on the rides! We went home for her to eat a special cake made by Momma and then went to bed happy.

Flash forward to 2am.
I hear John in her room while she is crying, then I hear him scream “we have a problem” or something to that effect. To which I almost fell out of the bed and broke my neck because I was scared that we had a choking or not breathing baby…you know…all normal fears at 2am. Not to mention I hadn’t been woken up from her crying so I was already confused by how I’d woken up in the middle of all this chaos.
As I’m unwrapping the sheets from around my own throat and tripping over an electric blanket and purse, I hear him say “she threw up everywhere!!!”
Thank goodness. No, wait…still bad.
By the time I was wobbling towards the door, he was running in with a puke covered baby. And it stunk. Worse than normal. She was freaking out. He was freaking out. I could only keep one eye open while I tore her clothes off and rubbed her down with a soapy cloth. I know, that’s gross too…but a 2am bath just didn’t seem practical to an already freaking out kid and only one functioning eye.
John changes her bed just in time for me to reinsert her.
I meet him back in bed by 2:20.
She’s still screaming.
He asks me if I’m leaving her in there or bringing her back to bed with us…an option I hadn’t considered, so I got up and grabbed her. She cries and whines for about 30 minutes in our bed…then I ask him what he wants to do, do we want to put her back? “Yes make it stop” he says. LOL.
I re-reinserted her to her crib and she went to sleep a few minutes later. Greatness.
4:30am – screaming. Panic that she’d thrown up on her last set of clean sheets…false alarm for that. Good.
8:30am – I pick her up and she lets the nasty curdled milk gods loose on me again. My shirt…my pants…and even INSIDE my makeup bag. (That reminds me, I should probably finish cleaning my make up off. ugh.)
I decide I am not feeling guilty for staying home from school at this point. Then I go throw up.
Oh god, we have malaria. Or botulism…I let her try some of her cake batter the day before…I even said “eh it’s just a spoonful, I’ve eaten raw eggs my whole life, we will be fine!!” I don’t think it was the cake batter, but it didn’t really make me feel like a good mother!
This is what our day looked like from 10-3:



She NEVER falls asleep in my bed during the daylight, so I knew she felt like crap.
This afternoon she acted fine, sweet, and extra cuddly. Then it hit. Hurricane “I feel like crap again and I am going to be mean to you people I know as parents until you want to just stand in the front lawn to eat dinner in order to get away form me” was making landfall.
It was then that I realized she WAS still sick, except it was/is some sort of cold. I think she just got sick because her nose was draining into her throat 😦
Fast forward again 30$ on baby medical supplies, and she’s asleep. I hope we don’t have a repeat night! I guess this is something that comes along with winter birthdays.


11 thoughts on “Well, good morning vomit monster!

  1. I wanted to “like” this post – but only because it was funny to read not because of the situation. Hope you are all feeling better soon. It’s never fun when they are sick.

    • Haha! I felt like I was drunk trying to function at 2 am after she had finally started to let me sleep a solid 8 hours! Then I felt hungover the next morning! I’m sort of glad she was tired too because I might have fallen asleep in her toy box if she had wanted to play all day after that kinda night!

  2. Poor little Harper!! Being sick on a birthday is no good!! I hope it gets better soon. And I’m sure it wasn’t the cake batter. Something so good can’t be that bad! But she is so cute all bundled up. 🙂

  3. Aww, Happy Birthday Harper! So sorry it went sour after awhile! Hope all of you are feeling better soon, but you sure make a cute sick kid 🙂 But I know you’re momma would prefer you well!!

  4. I finally gave birth to our baby girl Hazel last Sunday, and last night was a cluster feeding spitting up screaming crying kinda night. Hearing your experience is such a comfort! Not in a “misery loves company” kinda way but in an “I’m a mom and I CAN do this!” way. I hope your baby girl recovers quickly!!

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