23 Weeks

I might as well keep going with the random week thing since I’ve done it all along, right?

We are over the pregnancy “hump” and headed down the hill towards the end!

I hear women are supposed to start feeling like superwomen during this time of their pregnancy…Where are these people? Speak up! Announce yourselves!

I just feel tired! Not to mention this week both Harper and I are sick as dogs with a cold. I have a baby on the inside trying to kill me, and one on the outside with the same goal I think.

Anyways, here’s the skinny on the bump:



It’s round.


I’m pouty.  No fair, I just get over the nausea of pregnancy and mother nature pistol whips me with a cold.  I give mother nature the double bird today.  DOUBLE BIRD!!!!!

Size of the baby: He is about 1lb in weight, you might compare his size to a football now.  WOW  In a few weeks he will DOUBLE in size…and I will triple in size.  Okay that last part was speculation, but no really…that could happen.  He has sense of touch and taste now.  Hope he liked my shepherd’s pie today.  We are not too far away from him being a viable size to survive outside of me, although that is definitely not what we want, it’s nice to know that he would have a good chance to survive if he came out in a month or 2.

Weight gain: 20lbs.  Mooooooooooooo  Come’on Bessie, get in your stall and eat some hay!

Gender: Boy!!!!

Movement: Several times a day, and stronger than before.  I can see my stomach move a tiny bit when he is dancing.

Sleep: Sleep has been okay the last 2 weeks I think.  One can always use more, but I’ll take it.  I have just been trying to watch my water intake before bed and make sure I pee every last drop when I’m tired enough to fall asleep so that I won’t wake up and the butt crack of dawn to pee.

what I miss: Self esteem.  Being tan.  Having pretty feet.  Fitting into trendy clothes.  I basically just avoid mirrors if possible, and public if possible.

Cravings: White hot chocolate (home made thankyouverymuch) and crab rangoon (home made thankyouveryfreakinmuch!).

Symptoms: Crazy dreams still, cranked up anxiety, swollen fingers when I sleep, BRAXTON HICKS this freaking early, heart palpitations (yea I know, what the heck?  Being sent to a cardiologist at 6 months pregnant for that one.), and still those dang headaches that nobody seems to care about.

Best moment this week:  Realizing Harper was asking for bites of our food every time we eat!

Worst moment this week: BEING SICK!  Seeing Harper sick BREAKS MY HEART.  She started to wheeze today when I got her up from a nap and it was so terrible to hear.  I started to bawl uncontrollably…I get so scared that she is struggling to breathe with all that flem.  I cried the entire drive to the DR (second visit in 3 days) to find out she has a cold and ear infection.  Not to mention we had to wait 1.5 hours at the office for our appointment…I almost just ventured out myself to find a script pad for us.  Yea, I know, illegal.  Just a thought.


In other news, I’m looking for a couple of changes in my appearance.  I’m making a promise to myself to get a spray tan this weekend and hopefully an ombre hair coloring done as well!  Maybe those things will make me feel better!  I also have a massage voucher that needs to be used….I can’t decide whether to use it now or later…I mean my back DOES hurt now!

Well tell me what’s going on in your bump land!

And VOTE for my blog if you have time!





12 thoughts on “23 Weeks

  1. All during my pregnancy I had a three day Renaissance faire to plan- no amount of fatigue could make me slow down- eh I couldn’t afford to. At 6 months I had to manage the faire with very little help. When the faire was over my body said, “I’m done” and I haven’t gotten my energy or stamina back since. I’m 8 months now and I’m so tired and I move soooooo slooooooow… I’m naturally a busy body so just sitting around all day is driving me nuts! I’m so ready to feel like myself again!

    • Oooooh the 8 month marker is HARD. Everything sort of hits hard…I was walking around like a hobbit that month, and crying to john every night that the baby would NEVER come out of me! Once you have baby, you IMMEDIATELY feel soooo much better! I was amazed…even though I had major surgery, I felt so much better the day after she was born. It had all been lifted off of me and so fast! I’m excited for you to meet your baby and get back to yourself! 🙂 I’ll keep waiting to see when the big delivery post is up!!! 🙂

  2. OMG the same thing happened to me! I got over the nausea finally in week 17but then week 18 brought a terrible cold, turned sinus infection, that lasted until 23 weeks so I totally have sympathy for you! Your bump is cute though! Hope you feel better soon 🙂

    • Why thank you!! You’re too kind! That hair style is called the “I haven’t washed it in 4 days so I had to sprinkle baby powder in it and fluff it up on my pillow to create the illusion of thickness” look. 🙂 I dream of having a live in hair stylist. How fantastic would that be!?

  3. I hope you feel better soon! That is NO fun at all! …poor little Harper too! : ( …I think you look fantastic though and it is so fun to get further and further along in pregnancy and feel those kicks from our little one grow stronger and stronger. Oh, and I am also having wierd, very strange dreams. I never realized that is a symptom of pregnancy. I am glad to know I am not alone. Take care and I hope you feel better real soon!

    • The dreams are NUTS!!!! When I was pregnant with Harper I would always have dreams of my loved ones dying in insane ways…like every night. I finally went to a therapist and she pointed out to me that about 6 years ago, I had a close relative ripped away from me unexpectedly and in a horrific way, and that’s why I’m just always worried that something sudden will happen to the people I care most about! I still have them, but I’m more worried about when my loved ones are driving without me in the car that they will wreck! Thank you for saying I look fantastic…I thought I looked like a common hobo. 😛

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