What are you going to do when you have TWO of them?

I really get annoyed when people say that.  I’m not sure if I should…should I?  Why does it annoy me?  I guess it just sounds negative…it’s like they’re saying “you’re really going to be up sh*t creek soon!!!”.  Sort of like when I was pregnant with Harper, I had 8 trillion people say to me “you better get used to sleep deprivation!”.  I just didn’t like it.  Is there another way to say it?  I guess not.  Maybe it just shouldn’t be said out loud…but the past 2 days I have actually been asking myself that very question.

With Harper and I being plagued with some sort of cold bird flu, swine disease, or botulism this week- I’ve been wondering how this is going to be with TWO sick babies PLUS a sick Mommy.

Two noses to suck boogers out of with the aspirator.

Two noses to squirt with saline spray.

You get the gist right?

I’ve already accepted that if Harper gets sick, I’m going to get sick too.  I really knew that a long time ago..so it wasn’t a shocker that a couple days after she was sick, it hit me too.  That’s a part of being a parent, I get it.  What stinks, is that’s going to be a part of being a brother for baby 2.0 as well.  If Harper is sick, he’s going to be sick, and then there’s the given factor that I will be sick too.  And OMG what if John is sick too?  I guess I feel prepared to have 2 children, but I hadn’t considered them being sick together before this…I mean, we went a whole year without real sickness with Harper, so it wasn’t on my mind a lot!

I’m prepared to multiply my love, to change 2 diapers instead of one, to have extra needs to meet after he comes…I really am.  Well, I’m not worried about it in particular, who can REALLY be ready for a second baby that they’ve never met before?


Anyone with 2 want to tell me if it’s absolutely unbearable to have 2 sick children at once?  Or am I just freaking myself out since I have a sinus infection the swine flu?

crying babies

Excited to hear your thoughts…assuming I live through the night.





7 thoughts on “What are you going to do when you have TWO of them?

  1. People are saying it to me too, I get really annoyed too. I’ll cope perfectly fine thanks and if I don’t YOU will never know, I just wanna flip them the bird when the say it.
    It’s going to hard but we adapt, your eldest will probably be picking their own boogers out, lol

  2. I share your frustration with questions like that…..I think I know what Im getting myself into, thanks, so comments like that arent helpful.

    Since I’m still waiting on the first one to arrive, I obviously have no advice based on experience, but I can say I have plenty of friends with two or even three kids and its obviously manageable. Hard? Sure. But you take it one day at a time like you already do. The benefit now is you have all this experience under your belt so there is less to freak out about….you know when a trip to the doctor or pharmacy is necessary and when you just need to restock toe medicine cabinet. Im sure two sick kids with a sick mommy will be exhausting, but just like everything else, you will make it through! Eventually their immune systems will build up and it will happen less and less, right? I mean, you’re not going to be sick forever. You’re a strong lady. And while I admit I am highly interested in the logistics of being a sick mommy and one or two or three sick babies and would love an answer on “how do you do it?” The bottom line is I think you are more than capable of figuring it out and comments like that are not coming from a place of love and concern.

    You pose a great point….how CAN you ever be truly ready?

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. So here are the tips you asked for. 1. Prioritize. Save the child that has the most imminent death risk. i.e. stairs vs. pulling the cats tail. 2. When they are sick, Tylenol is your best friend. 3. Don’t expect any sleep at all when you are sick though. So if you expect they are coming down with something nap as much as possible before itgets bad. 4. Being OCD is actually a good thing when you have two.

    But all in all many people have managed two and lived through it. And the majority of those people didn’t master taking care of their first before #2 showed up.

    I’m pretty confident you are going to kick some mommy butt!

  4. When someone asks, tell them you’ll have twice as many hugs, twice as many kisses, twice as many smiles and twice as many laughs. The positive things will always out weigh the negative when it comes to kids.

  5. “Don’t get your hopes up about her coming. You’re a first time mom and ftm’s ALWAYS go overdue. She wont be here by Christmas.” If I had throwable objects and they were within distance every time I heard that I’d have assault on my record so many times. “Expect four more weeks!” is what every thirty-eight weeks pregnant mother wants to hear from EVERYONE.
    Not the same, but equally annoying. Every pregnant woman hated unsolicited advice and comments, yet they get amnesia once they’re not pregnant anymore. On the plus side, when rough days happen, I hope you take them out in public and let them throw tantrums 🙂 – it’ll scare the weak ones for fun!

  6. People always have to voice their advice and opinions about everything under the sun. They think you should get married, they keep asking when you’re going to have kids, after you have a baby they wonder when the next one will come along, then when you have a boy and a girl they tell you you’re done having kids because you “have one of each.” Well, I’m pregnant with our third, so take THAT! My sister-in-law has six boys so people ask my husband if we’re competing with them. *sigh*

    Anyhoo… two sick kiddos has actually been the least of my concerns! Honestly, having two children to entertain each other most of the time has been wonderful, and the times we have gotten sick it’s mostly been staggered, and each child gets sick a bit differently (my daughter almost always throws up, but my son just gets achey and can’t sleep well). I hate when I’M sick and can’t take care of everyone and everything!

    I really wouldn’t worry about it… you’ll cross that bridge when you get to it. Just make sure to eat healthily, get your fluids, have some easy activities on hand (books, movies, sensory play, etc.).

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