Bubonic plague and books

I haven’t posted lately because of the bubonic plague walking pneumonia I have had.  Apparently when you are pregnant, you’re immune system sucks. I quickly caught whatever Harper had, let it stew inside of me, and received a gift of pneumonia from the pregnancy gods.  I’ve never had any kind of pneumonia in my life!  Why do I have to get it NOW!?  The good news is that the doctor said I was on my way “out” of the pneumonia doors since I had waited so long to actually come in to see her.

Anywho…whilst on my death bed, I scoured the blog world for children’s Christmas ideas and found a couple I REALLY love!

The first is advent Christmas books for the 12 days of Christmas.  We are doing 12 instead of your regular 25 because….well 25 books would cost a TON of money unless I got the really rinky dink ones.  Don’t get me wrong, she likes those a lot too, I just wanted to have something really special for her first christmas of being able to actually know things are going on.  Only about 5 of the books are Christmas books, and the others are anytime books because my book supplier of choice was already severely picked through from all the moms that are actually on top of things this year.

Here is my Christmas book advent basket so far:






IMG_6236 collage jpeg



She will start opening books on Friday night for her nightly reading!  So excited!

I haven’t perfected it yet, I think next year I want to wrap the books in brown parchment paper for a more vintage look!

If you want to use this idea, I got the free printable numbers from Makdoodle.com  .  They have some REALLY cute other ideas for Holiday fun other than Christmas!

I still have one more advent activity in mind to do this year if I have time to get it together and I will definitely be sharing because it is ADORABLE!

Oh, and if you’re wondering if Harper is feeling better just look at these:


Get it?

If you liked her mad dance skills you should show us some love by VOTING for us on Top Baby Blogs!  🙂




18 thoughts on “Bubonic plague and books

  1. I love it that is such a cute idea 🙂 I hope you are feeling better, my boyfriend was sick last niight and I stayed with him because I miss him so much/never really get to see him. I think I might have gotten what he has :/ but I have an appointment on Wednesday morning so I’m just going to toughen it out til then.

    • Thank you! I hope you guys feel better too! I was just SO glad we both had our flu shots because we live around the states with the biggest flu breakouts in the USA and I have seen about 50 of my facebook friends post about having the flu, or their kids having it! I’d die!!!

    • And you get to have twice the fun with yours!!! I think doing advent ornaments is going to be more practical for us after we have 2 because we can just re use the ornaments every year for the babies…as for books…I’d feel a little silly wrapping and re-gifting them every year to avoid spending a million bucks each Christmas for an advent thing…that would be silly right? 😛 You should search “advent christmas” on pinterest! I was so excited!

  2. That was quick. I know you had the sniffles but pneumonia? Wow! Glad you are feeling better! I love this idea with the 12 books! Great idea!

    • Yup! The day I saw you, I went into that patient room with Harper and started to feel like death…I’m pretty sure they kept us back there an hour! I actually called my OB while we were waiting and she didn’t call me anything in for another 2 flipping days…now this! It’s actually starting to go away, but I have an ear infection after all of that buildup I guess! Once one symptom fades, a new one hits! It’s like the pregnancy of cold symptoms!! ARGH!

  3. That is such a beautiful idea! You’ve wrapped them so well too! i love that site! might use their numbers for a home made advent calendar one year! Hope you’re feeling better!

  4. Harper is SO CUTE!! What a funny dancin’ fool! I really like your advent idea because I was racking my brain trying to think of a fun, interactive advent idea…once Hazel is old enough to know what’s going on! I think including advent as a part of our Christmas celebration is really important so she doesn’t get totally lost in Santa Claus and such. I’m also very glad you two are feeling much better! I hope the 2nd trimester treats you well 🙂

    • Thank you!!! I actually just found a NEW christmas idea that involves Santa… a friend of mine posted a “letter from santa” to her baby! She is going to do one every year and have them for a scrap book! It’s adorable! She has a calligrapher friend who hand writes them and they’re just amazing and have a rubber imprinted stamp at the top so it looks official from the north pole! Plus it says things like “I know you are really into baby einstien and books this year so you’ll be excited about the surprises I have for you” – that way you can look back at the letters and know what your kid was into at that time!

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. Ohmygosh! I love everything about this post. From the adorable footage of Harper to the way cute advent idea. I’ve seen it on pinterest and LOVE the idea. Baby A. isn’t old enough yet to be able to have her really enjoy this yet, but next year, I so want to do this! I sure hope you’re feeling better! Being sick is never fun but when you’re prego, it totally knocks you on your hiney. Take care!

    • Thank you!! You should totally steal the ideas for next Christmas! Or um…actually start them in the summer because it’s a pain in the butt to do them all at once ha! I suffer from severe procrastination disorder.

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