Here is my second advent project for this Christmas!

You’ll notice that I’m a slacker and have only done the 12 days before Christmas instead of the traditional 25 for advents, but I just didn’t want to paint 12 more bags and make 12 more ornaments this year!  I will add the other 12 for next Christmas when we have 2 babies!  Plus, I started way behind on these advent projects so we would’ve had to open 12 at once just to catch up to the current date!





The theme is "hand made" I personally rolled my own felt ornament out of's the first one I've done, so I'm okay with it!

The theme is “hand made”…… I personally rolled my own felt ornament out of roving…it’s the first one I’ve done, so I’m okay with it!

Here is Harper starting her book advent, actually she was catching up since I forgot to have her open one last night! Whoops! Looks like tomorrow we will have to put up THREE advent ornaments since I wasn’t able to get that together until JUST now!
I think the books are a hit!
Hope you’re having a good holiday season at your homes!


5 thoughts on “Advent-urous

    • Thank you! And I really don’t have the time I guess because I only was able to make 2 hand made ornaments for my advent ornament project, the rest are filled with cheap hobby lobby ornaments so they look like I’ve done something- next year I’m starting in the summer ha! Also, I need you to post videos of when your girls start to have non-english conversations with each other! And dancing will probably be even more awesome with two!!!! Harper will talk to us just like we know what she’s saying and I always think how fun it would be to have a twin for her to speak that language back! I wouldn’t have any space on my computer for all the videos probably!

  1. I am very late commenting on this, but I think your idea of the bags with ornaments for Advent is great! So much more personal than an Advent calendar.

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