I need to but I don’t…

I don’t mention him enough.  I often feel like  bad person for not telling everyone how good he is to us.   He is our rock, our dream man, and our protector.  He is the light of Harper’s life and has placed an incorruptible  love in my life.IMG_6329IMG_6390

He’s given me the gift of my daughter, as well as the upcoming gift of my son -and a whole new extension to my family with his own.

He provides the home we live in, and works very hard every day so that we can be able to stay home together instead of sending Harper to daycare.  This is something that means so much to me.  I was very stressed about going back to work, more so about Harper’s well being in a daycare.  He lets me sleep in a little longer in the mornings these days because he knows I’ve had trouble sleeping lately.  I’ve been suffering from rigor mortis of the belly during the morning.  I wake up and I’ve turned to stone.  Not something I want to get up and walk around with until it softens.

He makes me laugh, he always does our “man” chores around the house, he gives without expecting to receive, he tells Harper he loves her every day, he likes to eat (like me), and now that he has a great grill, he will be cooking for me!  See how that works?

On a daily basis I find myself obsessing over forgetting to tell him I love him…usually during car rides.  I’m always afraid something will happen to him and I will regret the things I’ve said or not said.  I’m going to try to implement some rules for myself to carry out daily to improve our interactions because they have room for improvement with little effort.

Let’s do this!!

Here’s to the one and only man in our life, the only one that will love us until we are no more.

I love you Honey and I hope this Christmas season will be special to you!  Looking forward the next 50-60 Christmases with you and our kids, forming new traditions each year at our home!




4 thoughts on “I need to but I don’t…

    • THEY ARE TWINS!!! It’s nuts. She has NOTHING of mine so far…except I think the hair is turning more towards what I have…I hope! I need this one thing!!!!! I wonder if our boy will look exactly like him too?

    • Agreed!! No better gift than a baby girl who looks like the man you love right? Hazel’s hair is turning Ginger, just like her daddy, and I’m psyched haha. Oh and I’ve wanted to comment on your “huh?” post and kept forgetting so HOLY COW congrats on Harper’s first word!!! And what a swell word indeed! (what kid isn’t a monkey?!)

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