99 problems but the Biltmore ain’t one!

The day after Christmas we departed to North Carolina for a vacay with my in-laws. I had worried, worried, worried, worried, and WORRIED about how the car ride would go with the baby. And the baby inside of me. Turns out babies aren’t the problem! Harper rode with her Nina and Pawpaw the whole trip to NC, so I wouldn’t have to stress out over her in the car, and that was awesome of them. Then I figured out that the problem I should’ve been worried about was my back! Oh yea, and my nerves. The back was the worst I’d felt in a while. There was NO escape, I couldn’t lay down, couldn’t’ stand up, couldn’t walk around…NOTHING to make it feel better! The whole ride was full of me thinking or saying profanities.

Anyways, we got to spend some nice time with the family, and I got some GREAT pictures of everyone! I really liked the way Harper’s older cousins treated her, they were so sweet to her!

IMG_6471 IMG_6473 IMG_6478 IMG_6483 IMG_6485 IMG_6491 IMG_6494 IMG_6496 IMG_6497 IMG_6501 IMG_6502 IMG_6503 IMG_6506 IMG_6508 IMG_6509 IMG_6512 IMG_6524 IMG_6530 IMG_6532

I had a difficult first few days due to back pain and Harper waking up several times a night. I just kept thinking she was cold, hot, uncomfortable, or confused about where she was. Turns out she’s getting another tooth! That would’ve been nice to know while we were fighting for our sweet precious sleep.

The last day was my favorite. We went to The Biltmore, courtesy of my Mother and Father in law. It was really cool! The perfect spot for pictures too! I’m so glad I brought my good camera with both lenses with us! I did end up dipping out on the last leg of the trip because I was pretty sure they’d have to carry me through the last hour, but hey, I lasted from 10:45-5:30. I think that’s pretty good. I paid for it in back pain afterwards , but it was still greatness!

Here’s my photo dump!

IMG_6536 IMG_6547 IMG_6549 IMG_6556 IMG_6558 IMG_6559 IMG_6561 IMG_6566 IMG_6567 IMG_6582 IMG_6587 IMG_6588


I have a Christmas post to put up, but for some reason I can’t finish it! Maybe I’ll post it next year 🙂 Along with my 2012 review like everyone else is doing maybe? Who knows…gotta stay predictable!






3 thoughts on “99 problems but the Biltmore ain’t one!

  1. Ugh long car rides are the worst… that’s when my tailbone issues started 😦 Looks like you guys had lots of fun though, the pictures are gorgeous!!

    • My tail hurt the very first couple of months and then went away……..then my hips hurt…….then that has *almost* gone away….now my back KILLS! Every dang time something goes away something new comes! The ONLY thing I missed after having Harper and being un pregnant again was how the general public treated me, they go from opening doors and carrying your things while your pregnant to watching you fight with doors and almost dropping your kid to carry groceries after giving birth
      ! NUTS.

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