Things have changed!

The last time I hit 26 weeks I wrote this post. Now that we are almost 27 weeks I am looking back to see how I felt at this point with our first and am noticing some changes!

One thing in particular is a clear cut difference this time around: I don’t really care to be touched. With Harper, I wanted my tummy to be rubbed all the time. I wanted to sit and stare at Mt. Bump and watch it move all around. I even liked it when my coworkers would put their hands on it. I’m not against people briefly touching it and saying “awwww how cute”…but I don’t encourage it this time around. The only reason I can come up with, is that I feel like there’s a thick barrier on the front of my womb, well it’s a fact, I have anterior placenta. Baby just isn’t as close to the surface as I prefer. When he moves around, I feel it in my underwear areas instead of my stomach. It sort of makes me think people can’t really touch him properly. I also feel more uncomfortable in my lower belly. Either he’s further down, or the placenta is making me have the illusion that he his sitting really low and making me a little miserable. Who wants the most uncomfortable part of them to be touched?

I haven’t even let anyone else feel him move besides John, and I don’t even let that happen terribly often. You basically have to have your hand in my underoos to feel him moving around, and I’m not comfortable putting anyone else’s hand that far down my belly just to feel! They’ll have to wait until he turns face down and the kicks move up I guess!


The second thing involves the cravings. I was really specific on what I wanted at 26 weeks with Harper. Fried pickles mainly. With baby boy, I can’t really pick out one specific thing that I would eat every day all day. I just want to EAT!!! EVERYTHING!!! I could eat all the time. No really, all the time. The only thing preventing me from eating sometimes, is when I’ve eaten SO much that I think I will throw up if I eat another snack. I eat until midnight.


The one consistent is the back pain. I forgot how bad it was! Some magical spell cast over me in my 7-8th (?) month of pregnancy that took all of my back pain away. It was amazing. I kept thinking “this will not last more than a day!!”, but it did. It lasted after Harper was born! Well, minus those last 2-3 weeks of pregnancy. I need the back pain to go away soon, because I’m having front pain too! I only need one! I don’t know how to manage both at the same time! Tylenol OTC is a big brand, but it just doesn’t do anything for me! Tylenol 3’s are where it’s at, people. I can’t really take one without feeling guilty(even though they were prescribed by my OB) and nauseated though…so I get one every 2 weeks usually. The reprieve is awesome. (If I don’t feel sick that is.)


Here’s to only having one sided pain instead of two sided pain!




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