Hair, photos, heartburn and teeth

I like my hair more this week than I did 2 weeks ago. It’s lighter, see?

From the upward view you can’t really see the bump, right?

But from this angle, here he is!


The source of ALL THIS HEARTBURN!!!!!! No really, it’s a lot of heartburn. I’m SO hungry ALL the time……..I will visualize what sort of nasty junk I am going to eat……..then get heartburn. BEFORE eating. Don’t get me wrong, the heartburn doesn’t discourage me from eating the nasty junk…’s just a minor speed bump on the way to fried pickle land. Did I ever mention that my in laws bought me a deep fryer for Christmas?! They totally know my hobbies. Deep frying EVERYTHING.

So here I am again, endorsing the iphone’s front cam……….it’s like owning your own photobooth!


One other note, she is teething. Like angry, mean, terrible teething. I have no clue how she was so MAD all morning and then was smiling for our home photo shoot! I need these teeth to come in before baby 2.0 gets here!!! This won’t work out with a newborn! Does EVERY tooth make a baby turn into a parent eating monster?! How many teeth will she get?!???? I’m 26 and I’m cutting a molar right now…will this ever end?!


9 thoughts on “Hair, photos, heartburn and teeth

  1. She will get twenty teeth by the time she is 3 or 4. My girl just turned two and has 16 so far an it gets better. She didn’t get any teeth until she turned one and it seemed like the older she was the easier the teeth came in. Frozen yogurt tubes like Stoneyfield Yo-Kids (cut in half) were our savior for cutting teeth!!! Good luck!

    Bringing Up Paisley

  2. Blossoming marvellously Belle! Your face pulling escapades made me chuckle. My mum recommends letting her chew on a chicken leg bone – cooked and with any loose bits removed of course 🙂

  3. I’m sure you’ve heard it before but you might have a baby with a full head of hair! Baby A. had a TON of hair when she was born & I had heart burn so bad that it would make me throw up. 🙂

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